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News Editor Elisa Reamer hosts the weekly budget meeting for the news section on Tuesday, January 18th. Staffers gather in these meetings to pitch ideas and assign stories.

Fill in the blank: I love working at the Northern Star because . . .

By Zulfiqar Ahmed, Elisa Reamer, and Madelaine Vikse | January 23, 2022

The Northern Star is a second home to a variety of students at NIU. Located in the Campus Life Building, we have given students a platform to exercise free speech and keep the NIU community informed since 1899. We serve as a space for students to transition...

Rosenbaum looks forward to job replacements

By Rachel Scaman | May 1, 2013

Alan Rosenbaum, Faculty Senate president and University Council executive secretary, hopes to get someone interested in the executive secretary position, which he will step down from next year. Rosenbaum was elected for his fifth year as University Council...

Don’t let your past ruin your future

By Kim Randall | April 28, 2013

College is a time when many things take place: Finding yourself, meeting new people, making friendships, stepping outside of your comfort zone, doing things you never thought you’d do and perhaps even meeting the love of your life. All of this takes...

Associate VP of Student Affairs to leave NIU

By Northern Star Staff | April 24, 2013

John Jones, Student Affairs associate vice president, will leave NIU for the University of North Carolina at Pembroke in early June. “I am extremely pleased that Dr. John Jones will be joining the leadership team at UNC Pembroke,” said UNC Chancellor...

Choose a major you are passionate about

Choose a major you are passionate about

By Annastazia Camerena | February 19, 2013

Once you have entered your college career the million dollar question remains “What’s your major?” It’s the infamous icebreaker that you get asked from family, fellow students and faculty throughout your college years. Personally, I was sick of...

Extracurricular activities in college are just as important as academics

Extracurricular activities in college are just as important as academics

By Alyssa Pracz | May 4, 2011

It is important to receive good grades during your college career; however, being involved in extracurricular activities and getting work experience, like an internship, is valued more. Extracurricular activities and work experience allow you to get hands-on...

Even if attendance isnt mandatory, its still important

Even if attendance isn’t mandatory, it’s still important

By Phil Case | April 19, 2011

At some point during our time in college, I'm sure we have all noticed that attendance in large lecture halls tends to be rather sparse. Whether students are nursing themselves through another hangover, avoiding the walk through unbearable DeKalb weather...

How to make students care about the SA

How to make students care about the SA

By Aaron Brooks | March 29, 2011

Students should not vote for student representatives. Instead, NIU should have a democratic oligarchy. Currently, Student Association elections are a hybrid of a beauty pageant and a networking convention. Hang up a couple signs, create a Facebook page,...

Mike Theodore explains the allegations against Josh Venaas, chief of staff for the Student Association.

SA Senators did the right thing by censuring directors

By Northern Star editorial board | March 27, 2011

Kudos, Student Association Senators. For as long as we can recall, SA directors and executives have been able to get by doing the bare minimum, skating by with little to no accountability whatsoever, and getting paid with student money to do it. This...

Not NIU’s fault there are very few student jobs

By Aaron Brooks | September 12, 2010

I love my job. The only downside is the paper pays me in nickels, but at least the federal government's work-study aid gives me some greenbacks. It is not like I could keep a regular job anyway. Not that I am lazy or have excessive flatulence, but I have...