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Letter to the Editor: Huskie Safe Line fixes old problems

By Tom Phillips | August 28, 2014

As a result of collaboration with students, NIU recently launched the Huskie Safe Line service to improve service, addressing issues with the now-defunct Late Night Ride.The Late Night Ride system was a point-to-point transportation system available to...

Huskie Safe Line

Not all happy with Safe Line

By Jackie Nevarez | August 27, 2014

The Huskie Safe Line has taken the reins of late-night transportation from Late Night Ride, but not everyone is on board with the change.Late Night Ride, a transportation service provided by the NIU Police Department for more than 20 years, ran 10 p.m.-6...

Q&A: Frascello talks SA plans for fall

By Rhea Riley | July 27, 2014

Senior political science major Joe Frascello was elected Student Association president in early May; as the summer comes to a close, he address what the SA has been up to and its plans for the fall semester.Rhea Riley: What have you done as president...

Pass/Fail: Ride survey gets student attention, Tax season worst time of year

By Anthony Szudarski | April 10, 2014

PassIt seems some students have started to get more involved in decisions at NIU after constant encouragement from the Student Association Senate.More than 500 students took a Web survey about possible changes to the Late Night Ride service on campus,...

SA: Focus Late Night on students

By Rhea Riley | April 7, 2014

Students can share their ideas on bettering Late Night Ride at a forum hosted by Student Association senators 5 p.m. Wednesday.Late Night Ride is a free door-to-door car service that gives rides to students, staff and faculty. The service is run by the...

Late Night Ride needs fix

By Kim Randall | April 3, 2014

There is a lot of work to be done in order to make Late Night Ride become the system it can and should be: fast, smooth and painless.A March 24 NIU Today release said the Student Association and the Department of Police and Public Safety released a survey...

Bill Nicklas, vice president of Operations and Community Relations, speaks about the Student Association resolution passed unanimously to urge the administration to cease its consideration of a second-year residency requirement for the residence halls in late March during the SA Senate meeting in the Holmes Student Center’s Sky Room.

SA votes no for second-year residency

By Jackie Nevarez | March 30, 2014

Student Association Senate unanimously voted Sunday to pass a resolution to urge NIU to end its consideration of a second-year residency requirement.Second-year residencyBill Nicklas, vice president of Operations and Community Relations, said former president...

SA approves $16K for bass fishing club

By Jackie Nevarez | March 24, 2014

Student Association Senate passed a resolution to provide $16,000 in supplemental funding to the Bass Fishing Club.The resolution called for supplemental funding to the Bass Fishing Club. The Bass Fishing Club asked for the funding to buy a boat to use...

NIU police

Services continue in cold

By Jack Manning | January 27, 2014

Campus police urge students to stay warm in the adverse weather conditions and to use the essential services provided by the school.NIU Police Chief Tom Phillips said on days when the university closes due to extreme weather conditions, only mandatory...

Winter sucks; use transportation services to their fullest

By Danny Cozzi | November 17, 2013

There are two awful things about winter: Freezing cold temperatures and darkness setting in earlier. Not only are they annoying, they can also be dangerous, especially when you’re going to and from campus at night.That’s why it’s important for every...

Pass/Fail: Changes made to Late Night Ride, Convo Center hosts fewer gigs

By Danny Cozzi | October 9, 2013

Pass: Changes made to Late Night RideLate Night Ride is reducing its service boundaries for the Homecoming weekend to give more attention to students and visitors, according to an NIU Today news release.The most important thing this weekend is to keep...

Safety, responsibility: simple advice to follow for going out

By Kim Randall | August 28, 2013

Going to parties, meeting new people and making crazy memories all add up to the whole “college experience.”As exciting as the first few days in college may seem, it can be quite easy to get too caught up in the fun and subconsciously push one’s...