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Five tips for getting back into school mode

By Marilou Terrones | January 14, 2015

Sleep. Sleep a lot.Use your free time to rest so you will have no reason to complain when the hard work rolls in. Though sleeping more than you should on a school day may throw off your schedule, you’ll learn to manage your time wiser, making sure you...

In Focus: What are your plans, goals and advice for winter break?

In Focus: What are your plans, goals and advice for winter break?

By Perspective Staff | December 7, 2014

Blake GlossonOver break, I will do job shadowing, prepare to lead a young adult’s ministry at my church and I might even do some laundry once or twice.But, let’s be honest, what would I actually accomplish by describing my winter plans to you? Unless...

In Focus: What are you doing to prepare for your final exams next week?

By Perspective Staff | December 2, 2014

Blake GlossonFor the most part, my preparation for finals week is pretty typical.In terms of studying, I set aside time each morning to review my notes from lectures. I have also found it helpful in semesters past to create study guides from scratch to...

Pass/Fail: 3-day break offers time for reflection; Weather changes swiftly, hectically

By Marilou Terrones | November 24, 2014

Pass: 3-day break offers time for reflectionNIU gives students and employees three days in addition to the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving break is long enough for students, faculty and staff to relax, but it is short enough to not find...

Students: Don’t volunteer for causes only for resume

By Marilou Terrones | November 18, 2014

While community service is beneficial for gaining experience, students shouldn’t volunteer unless they’re passionate about the issue they’re supporting.From last Saturday through Sunday, participants in National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness...

Pass/Fail: NIU offers help for going smoke-free; Students skip classes at end of semester

By Marilou Terrones | November 16, 2014

Pass: NIU offers help for going smoke-freeThough the Smoke-Free Campus Act won’t be in effect until July 1, a task force is compiling resources to help community members end their smoking habits.NIU administrators have proven they care about the well-being...

Pass/Fail: Early registration gives peace of mind; Temperatures in classrooms unreliable

By Marilou Terrones | November 5, 2014

Pass: Early registration gives peace of mindOne of the perks of being an honors student is registering for classes earlier than other students.Some of my friends thought I was crazy for setting an appointment with my academic adviser during mid-October,...

Don’t blow off state ethics training, waste resources

By Marilou Terrones | October 29, 2014

Completing annual ethics training doesn’t mean the training has effectively influenced employees: Some rush through the standardized training, which defeats its purpose.Some employees don’t view the ethics training as a serious learning experience...

In Focus: Why should students attend cultural events?

By Perspective staff | October 28, 2014

The Indian Students Association is hosting a cultural awareness event called Sanskruti at 5:30 p.m. Friday in the Holmes Student Center.Marilou TerronesThe best way to get to know someone is by understanding where he or she comes from.To do so, we must...

In Focus: Should students worry about Ebola in the USA?

In Focus: Should students worry about Ebola in the USA?

By Perspective Staff | October 20, 2014

Angelina McNeela | @A_McNeela_NSI don’t find it unreasonable to consider a potential pandemic.No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t think Ebola is being used as a fear factor — this is a real threat. The Centers for Disease Control is estimating...

Pass/Fail: Midterms not required for all classes; Fall break would ease students’ stress

By Marilou Terrones | October 15, 2014

Midterms not required for all classesNow that it’s colder outside, I want to stay in bed and curl up with my blanket. But, I can’t because if I don’t go to class I won’t know what will be on the test. Even worse, I won’t know what will be on...

In Focus: What are your thoughts on campus printing?

By Perspective Staff | October 13, 2014

Marilou TerronesThe allocated amount of money for printing should be raised, especially because the amount of printing from students varies from major to major.I consider myself poor because I need to save money for food and bills, among other things....