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Pass, Fail: SA President plans good start to year, Moving SA elections confusing, not good

By Rachel Scaman | May 3, 2015

Pass: SA President plans good start to yearStudent Association President Nathan Lupstein’s plans for next semester will help students get more involved with the SA, which is something to push for.Lupstein said his ticket will look to create an app to...

Printing should stay if it’s what students want

By Rachel Scaman | April 26, 2015

The printing subsidy, which allocates $7 to students every semester, should not be taken away after the next academic year.Students will be allocated the printing subsidy for one more academic year, said Chief Information Officer Brett Coryell. Students...

Pass, fail: Sporadic events help NIU connect, Cold temperature back, disappoints

By Rachel Scaman | April 22, 2015

Pass: Sporadic events help NIU connectCampus events going on during different days of the week are a good way to help students interact, while not interfering with their schedules.Events such as Friends of NIU Libraries’ Annual Meeting and Ice Cream...

Huskie Pup Line worth every cent

By Rachel Scaman | April 15, 2015

Taking a ride on a Huskie Pup will provide students with an opportunity to fall in love with NIU.Huskie Pups were introduced in fall 2014 as part of NIU President Doug Baker’s Master Plan Thesis. The Pups are electrically charged vehicles that were...

Pass: New iPhone emojis diverse, connect with all Apple users, Fail: Low voter turnout in DeKalb aldermanic elections not ok

By Rachel Scaman | April 8, 2015

Pass: New iPhone emjois diverse, connect with all Apple usersiPhone has updated its emoji keyboard to feature emojis with different skin colors. I applaud the decision to make diverse emojis.The update brings 300 possible emojis with a variety of skin...

St. Patrick’s Day: Top 5 things you shouldn’t do

By Rachel Scaman | March 16, 2015

You may think St. Patrick’s Day is a day where nothing can go wrong. Think again.Like every holiday or special occasion, there are just some things you shouldn’t do.1. Don’t eat or drink anything green unless it was handed to you by a professional.You...

Pass, Fail: Warm weather to arrive in DeKalb, SA called meeting off, gave no reason

By Rachel Scaman | March 15, 2015

Pass: Warm weather to arrive in DeKalbThere is a high of 72 degrees today and I can finally feel spring coming to DeKalb.The warm temperature and the sun will sure be a benefit to students starting up school.The snow can melt, the sun will be out and...

Spring Break: How to catch, release your spring fling

By Rachel Scaman | March 5, 2015

For those of you leaving DeKalb this weekend, Spring Break means finding someone who can be your love bug for the week.If this isn’t your first Spring Break, you’re already a pro; however, if you’ve never been on the Spring Break journey, you’ll...

Pass, Fail: NIU assists veterans with networking, Insurance fee increase burdens students

By Rachel Scaman | March 2, 2015

Pass: NIU assists veterans with networkingMilitary Student Services’ Bridges to Employment event is a great way to help student-veterans get on their feet after returning from the armed forces.The event is 3-6 p.m. March 18 in Altgeld Hall’s second...

Pass, Fail: SA starting fast with bus changes, NIU spending on Holmes revamp

By Rachel Scaman | February 25, 2015

Pass: SA starting fast with bus changesI am impressed by the speed in which the Student Association is getting the Huskie Line revamp underway.The SA will hold focus groups to get student input on the changes to the Huskie Line. The first focus group,...

Pass, Fail: Awareness week bringing NIU closer, Bad weather causes social media craze

By Rachel Scaman | February 22, 2015

Pass: Awareness week bringing NIU closerActivities for the ninth annual Eating Disorder Awareness Week, which started Sunday, will provide a chance for students to come together for a good cause.Eating disorders are no joke and it’s nice to know students...

Student input needed to keep printing quota

By Rachel Scaman | February 19, 2015

Students need to stand behind the Student Association as it fights to keep the $7 printing quota.On-campus printing is set to switch from a quota system to a pay-as-you-go system where students deposit money onto their OneCards. Students are allocated...