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Weekly Gripe: Checkpoint traffic video is misleading

By Carl Nadig | September 23, 2014

A controversial video showing a DeKalb resident being pulled over for a weekend traffic checkpoint doesn’t provide the evidence of unlawful seizure it claims to.DeKalb resident Ryan Taylor’s video shows his interaction at a safety traffic checkpoint...

Groups gather at The House Cafe to petition against recent Supreme Court ruling

By Linze Griebenow | November 18, 2011

"This is like velociraptor capitalism, like ‘eat-everything-in-your-path capitalism,'" said Sycamore resident Hannah Dwyer.Local economic justice activist groups gathered Thursday at The House Café, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, in hopes of obtaining petition...

SA Supreme Court sides with IFC over Delta Chi in dispute

By Felix Sarver | October 31, 2011

On Monday, the Student Association Supreme Court ruled the Interfraternity Council's actions toward Delta Chi were not unconstitutional. Justice Nick Battisti delivered the opinion of the court, noting the case required the Supreme Court to rule on the...

Ill. legislators remain split on concealed carry

By Brittany Swinton | September 14, 2011

The May defeat of concealed carry legislation left some Illinois residents upset. U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren released a press statement addressing a letter he recently sent to Illinois lawmakers regarding concealed carry legislation. In the letter, Hultgren...

Hateful rhetoric should not be considered free speech

By Kathryn Minniti | March 23, 2011

Apparently the U.S. Supreme Court believes our Constitution allows the members of the Westboro Baptist Church to spew their hateful, homophobic slurs at military funerals. Their signs say things like "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "No Tears for Queers."...

Corporations should not be treated as individuals

Corporations should not be treated as individuals

By Nathan Fulkerson | March 7, 2011

A century-old battle has been fought over the concept of "corporate personhood," a political construction that grants corporations the same rights afforded to human beings. On its face, corporate personhood is a matter of logistics--corporations are...

Death with Dignity gives peace of mind to the terminally ill

‘Death with Dignity’ gives peace of mind to the terminally ill

By Aaron Brooks | February 16, 2011

How would you want to die? Most of us have probably answered this question in drinking games, pillow talk or alone when contemplating our mortality. I know for me, if I had a choice, I would forgo the heroin overdose and want to die surrounded by family....