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Haley Galvin

Haley’s story: Balancing school and work while fighting cancer

By Haley Galvin | November 12, 2020

Being a college student and working at a newspaper was really hard last semester in the midst of the pandemic. Now, this semester, I am helping manage that newspaper, and I am battling cancer, while still taking five college courses. To say that it’s...

100 word rant: Summer pressure

By Haley Galvin | May 13, 2019

There’s always this constant pressure to do something with summer break. Whether that be an internship, work, packed travel schedules or summer school, it always feels like something has to be done, even when it’s supposed to be a time for a relaxing...

‘Anti’ exudes maturity

By Alexis Malapitan | February 1, 2016

Singer Rihanna’s eighth studio album, “Anti,” exposes a mature and vulnerable RiRi.Fans were in for quite the treat as RiRi teased fans with countless Instagram photos and videos leading up to the album’s release Thursday on Tidal. The album is...

Art exhibit displays student work

By Rachel Scaman | May 6, 2013

The Looking Box art exhibition featured semester-long artwork projects presented by ARTD 469 (Problems in Photography) students. The exhibition was open Saturday at the Art Annex. Groups of photos taken by the 10 student artists were displayed during...

College debt can be a pain for parents

By Annastazia Camarena | February 25, 2013

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but if it did students would still need a forest to cover their college tuition. As college tuition steadily increases, many are finding out that student loans and financial aid aren’t covering the cost of their tuition....

Finding a job to fund education is work

By Anthony Szudarski | July 16, 2012

This summer is the first time ever I’m looking forward to going back to school. While I’d like to think I have a pretty good resume for someone of my age, this summer I wouldn’t even have a job if it wasn’t for the connections I have. Like many...

The importance of loving your job

By Dan Martynowicz | April 17, 2012

“If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s a phrase I’ve heard many times over, and until recently it seemed impossibly simple and easily attainable. I mean, honestly, would you rather be the guy who dreads walking...

Post-graduation paths aren’t always clear

By Dan Martynowicz | November 20, 2011

Graduate school or real world, that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of further education, or to take arms against a decimated economy. I would continue parodying Billy, but he's boring and this is detracting...

Blog: Important lessons learned from summer break

By Taurean Small | August 22, 2011

As I was approaching the end to an intense school year filled with term papers, Powerpoint presentations, and final exams (oh my), I realized summer employment was the last thing on my to do list. Unfortunately, procrastination brought me missed opportunities...

Plus/minus grading system rewards those who work hard

By Letter Writer | March 7, 2011

Despite the overwhelming opposition to altering the grading systems, I support the conversion. To date, I have yet to hear a valid reason why there shouldn't be a change. This conversion would actually help students to be rewarded for better work, rather...

Not NIU’s fault there are very few student jobs

By Aaron Brooks | September 12, 2010

I love my job. The only downside is the paper pays me in nickels, but at least the federal government's work-study aid gives me some greenbacks. It is not like I could keep a regular job anyway. Not that I am lazy or have excessive flatulence, but I have...