Pastel Hair, Don't Care


Pastels are not just for fabrics; hair is the perfect canvas to express your trendy side. Make sure to look out for pretty pinks, lovely lavenders, baby blues, silky silvers and occasional ombres this spring season.

Pretty in Pink

You can never go wrong while playing with pink; the combination of exposed roots and highlights are in. Whether you wear your hair natural or braided, the bubble gum pink will help you “pop” your spring style. Florals are a girl's best fabric, especially when she has pastel pink in her hair.

Lovely Lavender

Love your luscious locks with royal lavender vibes: subtle, yet slaying. You will be one step closer to matching the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, hashtag goals. By keeping your roots dark, the lavender will work its magic and illuminate like a night in London.

Baby Blues

Rock-a-bye baby with the help of pastel blues. Shades like sky blue and baby blue are as calming as Bath and Body Works’ Endless Weekend candle. Express your inner depths with shades of soft blue to remind yourself of the warm waters summer will bring.

Silky Silver

Become a silver fox with this perfect transitioning color, bringing your dull hair out of winter and into spring. The people of Pinterest are raving over this trend, and the popularity will make you pin it. Get ready to “Let It Go” and become the new Elsa.

Occasional Ombre

Why choose one when you can mix and match all of the pastel colors? Set the trend by color-scheming your hair; be a mermaid with purple and green or send your style to space with cosmic colors, such as bright blues and galactic greens.  

You’ll be able to blossom this spring with this perfect pastel palette because no matter what your preference is, pastels can make your hair goals come to life.

Digital Content Contributor

Rachel Sanchez is a second year sophomore pursuing a Bachelor’s in journalism and minors in Spanish, Latin American Studies and Psychology. She hopes to write for major fashion and lifestyle networks.