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First gay marriage in DeKalb a sign of hope

Danny Cozzi

March 17, 2014

Darla Cook and Jaelyn Paulsen got married Monday night.After a hectic, last-minute legal scramble, the same-sex couple is the first to marry legally in DeKalb County.Cook, 57, and Paulsen, 50, had a civil union March 17, 2010, and wanted to keep the day especially memorable by getting married on the...

Marriage is threatening my civil union: A feminist satire

Linze Griebenow

February 6, 2012

Marriage is threatening the sanctity of my opposite-sex civil union.When my partner and I became engaged, little did we know the legal and ethical oppositions we would face as an opposite-sex couple.Not wanting to participate in a historically oppressive and exclusive practice of marriage, a civil union s...

Cuba Transgender Wedding

Cuba Transgender Wedding

Franklin Reyes (AP Photo)

August 31, 2011

Just married transsexual Wendy Iriepa, right, and Ignacio Estrada ride in a classic car holding up a gay rights banner in Havana, Cuba, Saturday Aug. 13, 2011. Iriepa, whose sex change operation was paid for by the state, tied the knot with Estrada in a first-of-its-kind wedding for Cuba. Gay marria...

Civil Unions legislation passed, LGBT center weighs in on decision

Jack Baker

December 2, 2010

Some NIU students are thrilled that the Illinois state legislature has passed a bill that will legalized civil unions for same sex couples. "I think it's a great move for Illinois," said Bryan Roush, a graduate assistant for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center. "It's been a long tim...