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Donations to the Northern Star can be made through NIU’s Foundation.

A sign in the Northern Star office reads, “There is no better way to teach responsibility than to give it.

Students at the Northern Star are responsible for everything from ad sales, editorial content, marketing, and delivery.  The Star continues to train the next generation of journalists and business innovators.

Students interview, hire, coach, and sometimes discipline workers. They become skilled storytellers, they develop sources and learn how to gather and interpret information.  Students are accountable to the public by explaining and sometimes defending their work. The advertising staff prospect for and maintain client relationships.   They must deliver a service that meets advertisers’ needs.

Our students learn how to solve problems, how to manage time, how to interact with the team and the public.

Your tax-deductible donation will help the Northern Star update its aging equipment and allow students to attend seminars and conventions.

Thank you!