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A pile of colorful sticky notes with different names on them are stuck on a wall.

Important to correctly pronounce ethnic names

Yari Tapia, Columnist April 20, 2021

Why people should put more effort into pronouncing ethnic names The U.S. is supposed to be a melting pot of cultures and people. Despite this goal, many people with ethnic names struggle during the simplest form of conversation: having people mispronounce...

A small Fofoti tree sits on Baby Beach on the Island of Aruba.

That time I…was stranded in Aruba

Mikayla Magdziarz, Columnist April 19, 2021

Out of all the beautiful places I’ve visited, Aruba is my favorite vacation destination. I have been fortunate enough to travel to the island a few times as a child and as a young adult.  Aruba is an intimate island, measuring about 19.6 miles long...

A doctor holds a vaccine vial in their gloved hand.

Fill in the blank: Vaccines should be … to attend campus classes

Opinion Staff, Columnists April 16, 2021

COVID-19 vaccines should be...   Jack Baudoin  ...highly recommended to attend class on campus.  One of the best parts of living in America is the freedom of choice. The freedom to or not to partake in what the country has to offer....

Video game still of Jar Jar Binks.

Unpopular Opinion: Jar Jar Binks undeservedly hated

Jack Baudoin, Columnist April 15, 2021

Jar Jar Binks is a major character in the first chronological film of the series, “Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace,” and a secondary character in subsequent films. He is by far Star Wars fans’ least favorite character, according to an article...

A pile of Northern Star newspapers is scattered.

Editorial: Media literacy crucial to reading online

Northern Star Editorial Board April 14, 2021

News media continues to move their content online, a place where information is readily available regardless of whether it’s true. In the wake of a digital news era, disbelief and trust in the news have fluctuated. The Northern Star Editorial Board...

Jack Baudoin, Northern Star columnist and journalism major, reflects on graduating during a pandemic.

Senior’s take on graduating during a pandemic

Jack Baudoin, Columnist April 9, 2021

DeKalb – Finishing college and moving on to the real world is a daunting task under any circumstances, but doing so during a global pandemic takes it to a whole new level of stressful. Yet it is also still as exciting, if not more so, than ever before. When...

The Netflix home page shows a list of trending shows on a laptop screen.

Netflix experiment won’t limit account sharing

Aidan Bengford, Columnist April 9, 2021

Netflix is considering policy enforcement changes that may make password sharing between friends and family more difficult. The goal is to make Netflix a single household service. This is a bad policy choice because it will either be ineffective at doing...

Photo illustration of student looking over transcripts.

Editorial: Let students decide grading system

Northern Star Editorial Board April 7, 2021

The termination of spring break, in exchange for two days off, was not an entire student body decision and has driven students to a new level of burnout out this semester. The Northern Star Editorial Board believes the university needs to incorporate...

Unpopular opinion: Birthday cake frosting is disgusting

Unpopular opinion: Birthday cake frosting is disgusting

Jack Baudoin, Columnist April 5, 2021

A lot of people enjoy the mound of frosting that is almost bigger than the cake on most desserts you can buy from the grocery store, but that frosting deserves to be scrapped off into the trash and forgotten. The problem is that cake is already very...

Young group of teenagers activists demonstrate against global warming.

Get involved, slow climate change

Jack Baudoin, Columnist April 2, 2021

Global warming's effects are encroaching closer to home more than ever before. People need to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint in order to combat climate change’s destruction.  Strong winds linked to global warming around Lake Erie...

A white chicken roams some grass in the sun.

Letter to the editor: vote no on backyard chickens

Bill Finucane March 31, 2021

***Editor's Note: Letters to the editor are the author's opinion alone***   For the past year, the rallying cry has been “follow the science.” The Center for Disease Control has done a tremendous job in providing guidance as we continue...

Illustration of crowd of men and women facing different ways.

Editorial: Morris, Barnes miss diversity in platforms

Northern Star Editorial Board March 30, 2021

 Election Day of the DeKalb consolidated election is April 6, and this year DeKalb has two candidates running for Mayor: Carolyn Morris and Cohen Barnes. With the election less than two weeks away, the Northern Star Editorial Board would like to offer...

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