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A girl sleeps in her dorm room. Getting good sleep in college is important. (Courtesy of Getty Images)

Getting good sleep in college

By Kahlil Kambui, Opinion Columnist | October 24, 2023

Balancing your sleep with school is hard. With late night study sessions, all nighters studying for exams or even late-night college parties, it's hard to get good quality sleep, and it may seem like the school system is working against that.  The...

The word NICKELODEON sits on an orange background. What is your favorite Nickelodeon show of the early 2000s? (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

Poll: What was the best Nickelodeon show of the 2000s?

By Emily Beebe, Senior Opinion Columnist | October 24, 2023

The 2000s were a time of iconic TV shows. The biggest debate in the 2000s, and even still today, was whether children gravitated towards Disney or Nickelodeon shows. For every Disney kid, there’s a Nickelodeon kid. What was the best Nickelodeon show...

A reusable coffee cup sits between two recycling logos. It is vital that more food and beverage companies switch to reusable cups. (Maddie Rock | Northern Star)

Cheers to reusable cups

By Emily Beebe, Senior Opinion Columnist | October 24, 2023

It’s time for companies and communities worldwide to join hands in a concerted effort to prioritize reusable cups. Adopting reusable cups not only protects the environment but also sets the stage for a more sustainable future – one sip at a time. In...

A student sits in front of a computer with a poor Wi-Fi connection. NIU must provide both students and staff with working Wi-Fi. (Daniela Barajas | Northern Star)

NIU needs to fix its internet

By Emily Beebe , Senior Opinion Columnist | October 23, 2023

NIU can’t expect students to be productive and get their homework done if they can’t access reliable Wi-Fi. NIU needs to do better at improving Wi-Fi for students.  It is imperative that NIU’s internet improves, both for students and staff....

A littered Gatorade bottle lays on the ground near Neptune Hall. Students need to do their part in keeping campus clean. (Olivia Zapf | Northern Star)

Picking up litter is not hard

By Olivia Zapf, Opinion Columnist | October 23, 2023

NIU has a litter problem, but it isn’t solely the responsibility of the NIU Grounds department. Students need to take a greater role in keeping their campus clean. With the large number of trash receptacles throughout campus, it is not difficult...

Israel flags hang on a soccer goal in a backyard of a home that came under attack during a massive Hamas invasion Oct. 19 in Kibbutz Nir Oz, Israel. American media must do a better job portraying all aspects of the Hamas-Israel conflict.  (AP Photo/Francisco Seco)

Change how Hamas-Israel conflict is covered

By Olivia Zapf, Opinion Columnist | October 22, 2023

American news outlets seem to do everything in their power to attain good ratings, rather than provide accurate and non misleading information.  A prime example of the failure to present all sides of an issue is regarding the recent attack on Israel. Hamas’...

An open suitcase shows the various additions NIU students would like to see in DeKalb. If NIU wants to minimize its reputation as a suitcase school, it needs to give students a good reason to stay. (Eleanor Gentry | Northern Star)

Editorial: DeKalb, give us a reason to stay the night

By Northern Star Editorial Board | October 22, 2023

If NIU doesn’t want students to leave on weekends, then it needs to give students a reason to stay. NIU has a well-known reputation as a “suitcase” or “backpack” school – a university that is comprised of students that come to campus for...

A boy sits at a table and eats a single slice of bread with a tiny glass of water. Impulsive spending is a dangerous habit that can lead to long-term consequences. (Robin Gamboa | Northern Star)

Gen Z needs to save money

By Emily Beebe , Senior Opinion Columnist | October 19, 2023

Generation Z needs to develop a saving mindset rather than spending money. In recent years, Gen Z has had a major problem impulsively spending money, with almost half impulsively purchasing a product they saw on social media, according to BankRate. Impulsive...

A cartoonist sits in the chair where they work. An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the mystery behind the craft! In reality, the artist recently bought a new drafting table and wanted to show it off. (Jesus Blanco | Northern Star)

Cartoon: Hard at work

By Jesus Blanco , Cartoonist | October 19, 2023

A woman grabs at her torso with the female symbol around her. Some might be surprised to learn that women experience internalized misogyny. (Eleanor Gentry | Northern Star)

Check your internalized misogyny

By Lexi Nebel, Opinion Columnist | October 18, 2023

Misogyny is certainly not a new problem facing women, although it may be surprising to learn that it’s not just men who are capable of being sexist. Internalized misogyny is the subconscious projection of sexist ideas onto other women or onto themselves,...

A tattoo of a lion and various geometric shapes rests on the arm of Michal Brylinski, a senior business marketing major. Employers should not discriminate against a person with tattoos and/or piercings. (Angelina Padilla - Tompkins | Northern Star)

Employers need to embrace individuality

By Emily Beebe , Senior Opinion Columnist | October 18, 2023

Those who work should not be obligated to cover up tattoos or remove piercings, as the process restricts individuality and undermines workplace diversity. It is crucial that individuals feel like they can express themselves.  One third of the U.S....

A woman rubs her eyes as she sits a a library table covered in books. Professors should be more understanding toward students during midterm week. (Courtesy of Getty Images)

Professors, please be lenient during midterms

By Alberto Briones, Opinion Columnist | October 17, 2023

Most college courses require students to take a midterm exam, which may significantly impact their mental health and academic standing if they perform poorly. It is unfair to expect college students to spend their whole week studying, even if it seems...