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Tails of the week: Praline

Tails of the week: Praline

Courtesy Tails Humane Society

December 3, 2019

 Praline...what a purrfect name for me! I really am as sweet as candy. I'm a loving 1 yr. old kitty who always has a smile on her face. I was found living under a porch with several other stray cats. Now I'm sharing a room here at Tails with new feline friends. The fine folks who found me had older...

China’s video game law is too strict

China's video game law is too strict

Jacob Roushia

December 2, 2019

On Nov. 5, China announced regulations for minors playing video games. This is part of a series of regulations released by the National Press and Publication Administration, according to the Guardian. These stipulations include only being able to play 90 minutes of video games a day and restricting game...

Fill in the blank: My advice for the end of the semester is…


Northern Star Staff

December 2, 2019

Stay organizedKyle Mathas | ContributorWhen it comes to the end of the semester, students can lose the motivation to do the work their classes require. Although it can be very difficult to do the work that the teachers give out, it is very important to keep stress levels at a minimum heading towards t...

That time I … joined Youth & Government

That time I ... joined Youth & Government

Kennedy Jones

December 1, 2019

As I started filling out college applications my senior year of high school, I realized that I wasn’t doing enough and sports weren’t going to cut it, so I joined my high school’s Youth & Government program.One of my teachers was the program sponsor, and she was always telling her students how great the pr...

Social stigmas around mental health need to stop

Anthony Parlogean

December 1, 2019

Words like crazy, mad, insane and feeble-minded may come up when thinking about mental illness. Whether they are antiquated or in present-day vernacular, negative sounding words like these are linked to the social stigma surrounding mental health. To combat this stigma, students can take certain action...

Thanksgiving break should begin earlier

Jordan Radloff I Contributor

November 25, 2019

The end of November marks the beginning of the holiday season and a time to be thankful for the good things in life. However, students may not be thankful for having to go to class for two days before Thanksgiving break begins on Wednesday.The university should extend this fall break to cancel classes ...

Student positions remain unfilled

Northern Star Editorial Board

November 20, 2019

There are 19 empty Senate seats in the Student Association, and every student representative seat on the Faculty Senate is empty with just three weeks left in the fall 2019 semester. The Northern Star has been searching for a student representative to serve on its Publication Board for weeks, and other board...

Students on social media should verify information before sharing

In the age of social media, rumors of alleged threats can spread in seconds and be blown out of proportion.

Jordan Radloff

November 20, 2019

Any possible threat to campus should be taken seriously, but spreading rumors on social media about threats that aren’t proven to be true does more harm than good in making the student population feel safe. Students should have waited for the university police to determine if the alleged safety threat fr...

3 ways to support Lung Cancer Awareness month

Dan Doren

November 18, 2019

The Illinois Department of Public Health reported the state's fourth casualty from a vaping-related illness on Nov. 14, serving as a reminder of the dangers of vaping.November is recognized by the Lung Cancer Foundation of America as Lung Cancer Awareness Month, where communities are encouraged to spread the...

Point/ counter point: Left Lane Law

Using the left lane for anything other than passing another car and using a left-lane exit ramp violates the Left Lane 

Nothern Star Opinion Staff

November 17, 2019

Only use the left lane for passingJordan Radloff | ContributorEven though the left lane tends to allow drivers to travel faster than the right lane, it is important for drivers to obey state laws that prohibit using the passing lane improperly.In January, the Illinois State Police announced on Facebook...

When is it acceptable to listen to Christmas music?

Jarrett Huff

November 15, 2019

Halloween was barely cold in its grave, but nevertheless, radio stations everywhere began playing the tunes of another holiday within the first week of November. That holiday is Christmas. Celebrating the Christmas season early is normalized in the U.S. Stores of every shape and size began rolling ou...

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Kennedy Jones

November 14, 2019

I began taking Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies courses my sophomore year at NIU with LGBT Studies. The original idea behind taking the course was to complete a general education requirement. However, I got more out of the class than just an easy A. Over the last three years, my experiences in W...