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Letter to the editor: Will fall echo 2019?

Letter to the editor: Will fall echo 2019?

Daniel Nuccio April 23, 2021

***Editor’s Note: Letters to the editor are the author’s opinion alone*** It has been more than a year since NIU students received that fateful email notifying them of their extended spring break and, at first, a temporary period of distance learning. At...

A white chicken roams some grass in the sun.

Letter to the editor: vote no on backyard chickens

Bill Finucane March 31, 2021

***Editor's Note: Letters to the editor are the author's opinion alone***   For the past year, the rallying cry has been “follow the science.” The Center for Disease Control has done a tremendous job in providing guidance as we continue...

Letter to the editor: NIU needs political diversity

Wayne Lela October 28, 2020

According to a mandatory diversity training “Conversations on Diversity and Equity” seminar at NIU that is required for all student organization leaders, the phrase “All Lives Matter” is considered an example of so-called “anti-blackness.”  Things...

Letter to the editor: Peaceful protesters

Frank Beierlotzer June 24, 2020

This letter is to all peaceful protesters. I believe there are probably a few bad apples in every profession of work and area of our society. Please, just look around and see if you agree with me. The First Amendment of our Constitution allows the...

Angel Tapia displays his

Letter to the editor: presidential election voter turnout

Sarah Beste, DeKalb Resident March 23, 2020

Letters to the editor are the the author's opinion alone I would like to express my passion and concern for the voter turnout of NIU students in this year’s presidential election. Voting is one of the strongest powers we as citizens have, and I would...

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