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Rapper Kanye West met with then President Donald Trump at the Oval Office in October 2018. His open support stirred up a lot of controversy among his fans.

Art cannot be separated from the artist

Ally Formeller, Columnist January 20, 2022
Because of the past problematic actions of some celebrities, separating the art from the artist becomes a murky impossibility. 
The Fujifilm Quicksnap is a very popular disposable camera among college students. They come with 27 exposures and a built-in flash.

Disposable cameras make the perfect comeback

Summer Fitzgerald, Opinion Editor January 20, 2022
Disposable cameras are helping to truly capture memories without the stress of social media.
Illinois Judge Robert Adrian threw away Drew Clintons conviction of sexual assault. He said that five months was enough punishment for the teenager.

Drew Clinton’s overturn is a loss for sexual abuse survivors

Summer Fitzgerald, Opinion Editor January 19, 2022
Drew Clinton was let off far too easily for a crime that was so severe and impactful.
Continuously leaving classes can have a number of impacts on a college students career.

Point/Counterpoint: Leaving class in the middle of a lecture

Summer Fitzgerald and Zulfiqar Ahmed January 19, 2022
The college experience consists of having total freedom, especially when it comes to attending classes.
Vinyl records are a classic form of art that has died down due to the digital age.

Students need to respect older art

Parker Otto, Columnist January 14, 2022
There should be more of a drive amongst students to explore classic art because it can really speak to people.
Vinyl records and turntables take the experience of listening to music to a whole new level.

Vinyl records are a musical lifestyle

Parker Otto, Columnist January 13, 2022
Listening to a vinyl record is something else. You can’t mix up the order and it’s not portable. You have to make a conscious effort to put on an album and listen to it. Just listen and let your imagination take you places.
J.K. Rowlings history of controversial tweets has led Harry Potter fans questioning the franchise.

Art should be separated from the artist

Parker Otto, Columnist January 10, 2022
J.K. Rowling may be one of the defining authors of my childhood, but I detest the comments she has made invalidating transgender people. But why should art suffer? It’s still the same art, after all, and as long as it doesn’t contain anything that condones the actions of the artist, I see no reason why this art shouldn’t be celebrated.
Books are a valuable asset to our culture.

Public schools must extinguish book burning

Parker Otto, Columnist January 5, 2022
You are not trying to protect your children, you are trying to take away knowledge and art and, in the process, discriminate against literature that shows the experiences of minorities. If anything, banning these books will only make young people more desperate to seek them out. 
Columnists look forward to 2022 by making their New Years resolutions.

Fill in the blank: My New Year’s resolution is . . .

Opinion Staff, Parker Otto, and Summer Fitzgerald December 31, 2021

… be more of service  Parker Otto | Columnist I’ve always been willing to take the time to give back to my community. However, during college and the pandemic, I have found myself regressing into my studies and focusing on my career. But I...

Thank you, Karens.

Thank you, Karens

Parker Otto, Columnist December 28, 2021
Thank you for being the reason why retail workers dread their jobs and for being the reason food service workers hate making your meal.
SHEIN, an online store, has recently become a main source of fast fashion as it is heavily promoted across social media platforms through SHEIN Hauls.

Fast fashion is harmful to both environment and mental health

Summer Fitzgerald, Opinion Editor December 27, 2021
Fast fashion is an irresponsible industry that exploits consumers, workers and the environment. Even though it may all look glamorous on social media, it is not worth your money or mental health. 
Students walk through the pantry on Thursday, Sept. 30th, 2021.

That Time I…volunteered at a food pantry

Parker Otto, Columnist December 21, 2021
Food pantries are a great way to give back to the community, especially around the holidays.
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