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A person holding a sign, advocating for reproductive rights.

Repeal the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act

Brionna Belcher, Opinion Editor October 25, 2021

Democrats in the Illinois House and Senate are attempting to repeal a law that requires healthcare providers to notify an adult family member 48 hours before performing an abortion on a minor. While the law doesn’t require consent, notifying a parent...

A Reality Bytes Film Festival poster.

That Time I… worked for the Reality Bytes Film Festival

Parker Otto, Columnist October 22, 2021

As a film lover, I’m always looking for new stories to watch and take inspiration from as I pursue filmmaking. While I love going to the multiplex, or browsing my streaming services, there’s something truly special about seeing films made by students...

Music streaming from a cellphone.

Release of Aaliyah’s music calls for a re-imagining of her legacy

Janyce-Monique Johnson, Columnist October 21, 2021

If you’re a millennial or born in that awkward time between the millennials and Generation Z, you’ve probably heard of R&B artist Aaliyah Haughton, professionally known as Aaliyah. Aaliyah was a famous R&B singer, dancer, actress and model...

Letter tiles reading fake or fact.

Internet memes can spread misinformation

Parker Otto, Columnist October 20, 2021

From a grumpy cat to a pessimistic Sean Bean from “Lord of the Rings,” we’ve all become accustomed to internet memes and their humor. However, their harmless nature has been perverted and used to convey false information on social media. With their...

Two people. One with a clear mind and the other with a scattered mind.

Therapy is for everyone, including older individuals

Mikayla Magdziarz, Columnist October 19, 2021

Various forms of therapy become procedural as we age, but talk therapy, or psychotherapy, remains off the table for the majority of older folk. Despite the stigma surrounding mental health, therapy for the mind should be prioritized just as much as physical...

Burnt popcorn.

Unpopular opinion: Burnt popcorn is good

Ally Formeller, Columnist October 18, 2021

The buttery, salty, slightly stale scent of movie theater popcorn is one to savor. The taste is even better. The crunchy, soft popped kernels practically melt in your mouth, and the butter and salt linger, leaving you craving more. Although the smell...

A black cat, named Beef, sitting on a cat tower.

Black cats are overlooked and under-appreciated

Brionna Belcher, Opinion Editor October 16, 2021

October is Black Cat Awareness Month, and with Halloween around the corner, our TVs are guaranteed to be filled with black cats. With black cats being so heavily referenced in Halloween decor and media, it’s the perfect time to show them some love. The...

A person holding a smart phone.

Facebook continues to value profit over people

Ally Formeller, Columnist October 15, 2021

With just one Google search of “Facebook,” several articles about how to permanently delete your Facebook account instantly pop up. This isn’t the first time Facebook has been the subject of scandals and court cases that left users uneasy—...

An empty prison cell.

The death penalty needs to be abolished in all 50 states

Parker Otto, Columnist October 14, 2021

The tragic murder of Gabby Petito in Wyoming and the subsequent manhunt for her fiancé Brian Laundrie, a person of interest in the murder, have captivated the nation. There has been talk of the death penalty for whoever is charged and convicted of Petito’s...

The NIU School of Theatre and Dance will begin running performances of Edward II Friday at the Sally Stevens Theatre at NIU.

Students should experience fine arts on campus

Parker Otto, Columnist October 12, 2021

On Oct. 2, the  Huskies football team beat the Eastern Michigan Eagles in an exciting game that I had the pleasure of seeing in person. One of the best parts of being a student this year is that I can attend any NIU athletic event for free. However,...

House Bill 641 is a step in the right direction

House Bill 641 is a step in the right direction

Ally Formeller, Columnist October 8, 2021

Periods just got a little less painful. According to House Bill 641, passed earlier this year, universities and community colleges must provide free period products in all campus bathrooms.  No longer are the days of embarrassingly asking female...

A now hiring sign at The Junction in DeKalb.

Customer service employees deserve more respect

Brionna Belcher, Opinion Editor October 8, 2021

Working in customer service has never been easy, but the country’s hiring crisis has made things significantly worse. Now more than ever, customer service workers deserve some respect.  When the country began to phase out of COVID-19 restrictions,...

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