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Ophelia Boyd, a first-year health science major, responds to a street interview prompt. Who is your favorite female historical figure, and what would you say to them? (Northern Star Graphic)

Street Interviews: Women in history

By Lucy Atkinson, Opinion Editor | March 25, 2024

Throughout history, women have filled half the human population with a fraction of human rights. Women have been — and continue to be — leaders of strength, compassion and intelligence, creating change despite the patriarchy.  On our campus,...

A figure sinks down into colored layers of green and blue. Public perception of student loans can be harmful, often ignoring the possibility of drowning in debt. (Gabriel Fiorini | Northern Star)

Editorial: Student loans create possibility, not affordability

By The Northern Star Editorial Board | March 24, 2024

Student loans do not make things affordable. In fact, after interest accrues, they do the exact opposite. That’s not to say they aren’t a good resource for students otherwise unable to afford college, but student loans have been over-normalized as...

A phone with multiple social media apps is reflected in a mirror. Social media is only a reflection of real life, and users should be wary of misrepresentation. (Photo Illustration | Northern Star)

Limit social media use

By James Bennett, Opinion Columnist | March 24, 2024

A young man scrolls instagram and sees his classmates posts. They post their travels, their friends and their accomplishments. The young man feels inferior because his life feels so mundane compared to theirs.  A teenager in today’s world will grow...

Alexia Musgraves, a junior public health administration major, speaks at the SGA debate Thursday. The Northern Star Editorial Board endorses Musgraves for SGA President, as well as James Innis for Vice President, Aiden O’Brien for Student Trustee and Ryan Kramer for Treasurer. (Sean Reed | Northern Star)

Editorial: Northern Star endorses Musgraves, Innis, Kramer, O’Brien

By The Northern Star Editorial Board | March 22, 2024

Editor’s note: The Northern Star Editorial Board Staff communicated to every student running for a Student Government Association Executive Board position via email to represent themselves in a filmed interview regarding their campaign for their positions....

Five “Just Dandy” panels depict the adventures of Dandy, the black cat. In this comic, Dandy attempts to deliver mail, only to discover a not so conventional, school-spirited mailbox. (Christa Kim | Northern Star)

Just Dandy: Mailbox

By Christa Kim, Cartoonist | March 21, 2024

An abstract design shows a forest burning from bright red flames, with the red sun beaming bring and hard. Our planet deserves better. (Camilla Dziadosz | Northern Star)

Recent weather shifts can’t be ignored

By Camilla Dziadosz, Opinion Columnist | March 20, 2024

While the coverage of climate change is nothing particularly new, the pressing issue doesn’t match actions taken for resolution. We shouldn’t wait for more chaotic weather to arise to prioritize prevention of the climate crisis – it may be too late...

Four quadrants display symbols from four famous coming-of-age books: Looking for Alaska, The Perks of being a Wallflower, The Catcher in the Rye, and The Outsiders. Which coming-of-age book is best? (Lucy Atkinson | Northern Star)

Poll: What’s the best coming-of-age book?

By James Bennett, Opinion Columnist | March 19, 2024

Coming-of-age books are a quintessential part of literature. They help inspire many generations of readers and writers.  Coming-of-age is a genre that attempts to convey how problems commonly affect young people. This is often done in a real and relatable...

Eight fists raise toward a purple sky. Students should practice advocacy for political and social issues they care about. (Daniela Barajas | Northern Star)

Participate in student activism

By Alberto Briones, Opinion Columnist | March 19, 2024

With climate change, poverty and human rights violations, it is more crucial than ever to be politically engaged. College students must advocate to make a difference in their communities, express their beliefs and better their lives. Monserrat Garcia,...

The Stevenson Retail Dining Center stands with its doors open. Stevenson’s dining needs an upgrade. (Kahlil Kambui | Northern Star)

Make Stevenson dining buffet style

By Kahlil Kambui, Senior News Reporter | March 18, 2024

The Stevenson Retail Dining Center is not up to par in comparison to other NIU dining halls. The retail style dining of Stevenson isn't as good as the other dorms and should change to a buffet style.  Stanley Collier, a first-year business major,...

A brain is surrounded by floating hearts under the words “Look Both Ways” and the topic of the week: Togetherall. Will the new mental health app NIU has partnered with, Togetherall, bring positive change? (Lucy Atkinson | Northern Star)

Look Both Ways: Togetherall

By Camilla Dziadosz and Emily Beebe | March 18, 2024

NIU has added another mental health resource to its repertoire, this time it’s a mental health app called Togetherall.  Togetherall is a mental health app that consists of self-assessments, courses and a message board for students to anonymously...

An NIU safety alert pops up on a phone with an orange and yellow gradient lockscreen. NIU should continue releasing safety alerts for every reported crime. (Daniela Barajas | Northern Star)

Send safety notifications again

By Emily Beebe, Assistant Editor | March 17, 2024

Crime, especially on college campuses, is something that people should always be informed of. NIU safety notifications should be sent out regardless of crime severity to ensure campus community safety. When NIU provides safety notifications, regardless...