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A microphone and a set of headphones hang among recording equipment in the Northern Star’s recording studio. Opinion Columnist Kahlil Kambui believes shorter albums are more meaningful. (Joey Trella | Northern Star)

Long albums ruin music

By Kahlil Kambui, Opinion Columnist | November 20, 2023

Albums are getting too long. Some of the top albums of 2023 from artists such as Drake, Taylor Swift and Morgan Wallen all total well over an hour long. There is no need for an album to have that many songs. Too many songs on an album can make it feel...

Cameras point towards the set for the Central Perk cafe from the hit ‘90s show “Friends.” Which “Friends” Thanksgiving episode is the best? (Clément Proust | Pexels)

Poll: Which ‘Friends’ Thanksgiving episode is best?

By Angelina Padilla-Tompkins, Opinion Editor | November 20, 2023

The iconic ‘90s sitcom “Friends” had one Thanksgiving episode in each of its 10 seasons; but unfortunately, all of them could not be included in this poll.  Which of these five “Friends” Thanksgiving episodes is the best?  “The One...

A woman in a yellow jacket touches her mask. We want a world with clean oxygen, so we need to take care of the planet. (Robin Gamboa | Northern Star)

Cartoon: Toxic

By Robin Gamboa, Cartoonist | November 20, 2023

Three colorful food trucks fly above a purple background. Food trucks need to come back after Spring Break. (Eleanor Gentry | Northern Star)

Editorial: Food Truck Wednesdays already an NIU staple

By Northern Star Editorial Board | November 19, 2023

Each Wednesday, an array of local food trucks lined Normal Road, selling delectable food and drinks that ranged from burritos to frozen custard to lemonade. Dozens of students could be seen eating in MLK Commons or huddled around the trucks. This amount...

A woman speaks at the Take Back the Night rally. Everyone deserves to exist safely all day. (Sean Reed | Northern Star)

Everyone deserves to exist all day

By Ashley Vargas, Opinion Columnist | November 18, 2023

Everyone can attest to the lessons we learned about safety when we were little kids. We were told to look both ways and not to take candy from strangers. But about half of the population remembers a second set of rules that shouldn’t only apply to them. As...

Clothes spinning in washing machines in Stevenson Towers laundry room. Stevenson Towers has four set laundry rooms throughout each tower. (Ryanne
Sandifer | Northern Star)

Dorm laundry shouldn’t be a hassle

By Emily Beebe, Senior Opinion Columnist | November 18, 2023

You’re running late to class, and a load of laundry is all that stops you. Your work clothes are dirty, and your shift starts in two hours – the exact length of a load of laundry. You have a date soon, and your favorite jeans smell like yesterday’s...

 A graphic includes two people and kindness logos. Opinion Columnist Alberto Briones interviewed students about the late Matthew Perry. (Joey Trella | Northern Star)

Matthew Perry remembered by students

By Alberto Briones, Opinion Columnist | November 16, 2023

  The world is overwhelmed with grief by the death of "Friends" star Matthew Perry.  Perry, age 54, died at his home in Los Angeles on Oct. 28, according to Business Insider. Many viewers watched "Friends" and felt they could relate to the characters....

Steam billows from Patterson Hall West after a steam relief valve burst on Nov. 14. Opinion Columnist Lexi Nebel believes NIU dorms are too expensive for structural emergencies to occur so frequently. (Courtesy of Lydia Dunker)

Expensive dorms shouldn’t experience valve bursts

By Lexi Nebel, Opinion Columnist | November 15, 2023

On Tuesday, a steam valve ruptured in Patterson Hall, causing students to evacuate the building at 2 a.m.  Although the emergency team responded quickly and efficiently, this is yet another example of the poor conditions of NIU dorms. Freshman...

Zucchini plants sprout from soil. It is important to grow your own food, even in winter. (Courtesy of Getty Images)

Grow your own foods

By Jescenia Calderon , Opinion Columnist | November 15, 2023

Gardening is such a peaceful hobby, not only does it involve the outside air and interacting with your environment, but also it’s healthy.  Bryan Flower, assistant director of food system innovations at NIU, explained that at grocery stores, food...

A student in a blue hoodie sits awkwardly between three figures. Group projects are more trouble for students then what theyre worth. (Daniela Barajas | Northern Star)

Group projects disappoint

By Alberto Briones, Opinion Columnist | November 15, 2023

Every semester, students from all fields face the dread of group projects. Whether the students are highly motivated or just hoping to pass class, they hate working on group assignments that count for a significant percentage of their grades.  Group...

A goose stands on top of a huskie. The NIU Huskies should become the NIU Geese. (Daniela Barajas | Northern Star)

No more Huskies, we’re Geese

By Olivia Zapf, Opinion Columnist | November 15, 2023

Editor’s note: This is a satire piece, written with the intention of entertainment and has no merit.  Oftentimes, students are surrounded by geese, honking, hissing and being intimidating to everyone they come across. Geese are well-known throughout...