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Hookah bar business could be increased by marijuana

Jack Baudoin

February 16, 2020

The legal smoking age of tobacco was raised from 18 to 21 in December. Because of this, many hookah bars have found themselves struggling after a large portion of their customers became unable to partake in business. Aromas Hookah Bar, 811 W. Lincoln Highway, will benefit from a new business opportunity.T...

Weed usage should be protected from business drug testing

Jack Baudoin

February 13, 2020

Now that marijuana is legal in Illinois, there is a concern regarding employment. How will business’ drug-testing policies affect employees who use marijuana? Because marijuana is now legal, using it should be the same as going home and drinking a beer. There is a large number of businesses in Illi...

That time I transferred schools to change my major

Jack Baudoin

February 12, 2020

Many people change their major while in college, but fewer people move to a new school for that change. This is exactly what I did.After spending four years at Illinois State University, I realized late in the game I wanted to study journalism instead of geology, and ISU was not the place for me to do...

Enrollment can increase by encouraging students to start at NIU

Jack Baudoin

February 9, 2020

Going away to college is something a lot of people dream of. Every year, students around the world apply to and enroll at different universities. Despite this, NIU’s enrollment is dropping every year. If the university hopes to break this trend, it needs to improve the way that it shows prospective students...

Trump’s State of the Union address doesn’t unify

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (right), tears her copy of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday after he delivered it to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Jack Baudoin

February 5, 2020

President Donald Trump gave his third State of the Union address Tuesday. Meant to show the country that it is in a good state, the address showed that there is a huge divide between the political parties. While the address is given every year, this year’s address was given under special circumstan...

Monarch butterfly activists are being murdered in Mexico. Could it happen here?

Monarch butterflies cling to branches in their winter nesting grounds in El Rosario Sanctuary, near Ocampo, Michoacan state, Mexico, Friday, Jan. 31, 2020. 

Noah Thornburgh

February 4, 2020

Many midwesterners will remember spotting monarch butterflies floating over the region’s prairies in the dog days of August, hunting for milkweed after their long flight from the south. Eastern Monarch sightings have been rare after a long period of population decline, but a count from January 2019 show...

That time I visited historical locations in Spain

Contributor Jack Baudoin stands June 2013 in Toledo, Spain

Jack Baudoin

February 3, 2020

I’ve always enjoyed history. Learning about how old certain things are has always interested me. When I went on a choir trip to Spain in high school, I got to see a whole lot of old.Every couple of years, the Neuqua Valley High School choir department organizes a tour of a foreign country, where stud...

The media mishandled coverage of Kobe Bryant’s death

Jarrett Huff

February 2, 2020

For the rest of my life I’ll remember what I was doing, where I was and what I was thinking Jan. 26, 2020, as I’m sure the same can be said for millions upon millions of people around the world.Forever burned into my brain are the words “TMZ,” and “BREAKING: Kobe Bryant Has Died In A Helicop...

Youth need to be more involved in political advocacy

Protesters gather at a climate strike May 5 in Chicago to advocate for the federal government to focus on solving the climate change issue.

Jordan Radloff

January 30, 2020

Local climate activist group 350Kishwaukee partnered Wednesday with Sunrise Movement to host a meeting at 1121 Loren Drive, urging local youth and college students to be more active in advocating for the Green New Deal. Events such as these are a reminder of the need for young people to become more inv...

That time I adopted a cat from Tails Humane Society

That time I adopted a cat from Tails Humane Society

Sarah Connolly

January 29, 2020

There are many unknowns when bringing a strange animal into your home, but adopting a kitten from Tails Humane Society has been a rewarding experience for me.  I did not grow up with pets, but I always wanted a cat. After having been on my own for almost four years, my roommate and I sat down to s...

Partisan politics make America too divided

Partisan politics make America too divided

Jack Baudoin

January 29, 2020

While political parties are nothing new, with the first ones popping up around the 1790s, the divide between the parties seems larger than it has ever been due to widening social and economic disagreements, such as abortion and immigration.A two-party system was not a system the founding fathers wan...

Asking students about their interest in Donald Trump impeachment trial

Kennedy Jones

January 24, 2020

The Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump has now entered its fifth day according National Public Radio. Several students in DuSable Hall were asked if they had been following the impeachment trial and what their thoughts are on the subject. Here are some of their responses:“I like to ...