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A student walks out of the cold and into Davis Hall during class hours Friday. Some faculty had to adjust the dates of what was planned for class.

Weather affects NIU curriculum

By Carlos Galvez | February 3, 2014

After harsh weather caused campus closures Jan. 27 and 28, professors and administrators have concerns about how it will affect their curriculum.In the event of more unplanned days, Paul Palian, Media and Public Relations director, said it will be up...

Viral blog gains columnist’s respect

By Brenda Krause | May 6, 2013

Teachers used to be seen as important members of society. Today their profession is one of the most devalued in the nation. Randy Turner, a Missouri public school teacher, would certainly agree. Last month he wrote a blog titled “A Warning to Young...

Student failure isn’t always students’ fault

By Kim Randall | April 2, 2013

“Try harder next time.” “Oh, well maybe you’ll do better on the next one.” Don’t you hate these phrases? I certainly do. I am sure many of us have heard these words at some point in time. The worst time to hear them uttered is during that...

Teachers should utilize social media

By Danny Cozzi | March 27, 2013

Over spring break I found out one of my friends at ISU is taking a class in which the professor uses Twitter for the lectures, which are usually filled with hundreds of students. I was told that the professor allows his students to use their smartphones...

Illiniois should take care of teachers pensions

Illiniois should take care of teachers’ pensions

By AJ Edwards | February 18, 2013

Each time they receive their paycheck, the teachers of Illinois contribute 9.4 percent of their pay toward their pensions. And it turns out that for years the state of Illinois has somehow found a way to neglect paying its portion of the pension. The...

Concealed carry shouldnt apply to teachers

Concealed carry shouldn’t apply to teachers

By Aj Edwards | February 10, 2013

Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary School and NIU. All of these schools are connected in the most tragic of ways. At each of these schools, and sadly many others, student lives were tragically ended through a senseless act of...

Tenured professors need a leash

By Colin Remes | March 27, 2012

The word tenure commonly refers to a senior academic’s contractual right not to have his or her position terminated without just cause. The key term here is “just cause.” What qualifies exactly as just cause? Declining student performance from semester...

Society is becoming desensitized to school violence

Society is becoming desensitized to school violence

By Portia Kerr-Newman | May 1, 2011

School violence happens every day in every state, whether it is a fight, a school shooting or just general bullying. Just recently, I heard of a kindergartner bringing a gun to school in Texas. The gun fell out of the young boy's pants and went off,...

Professors should not push their agendas in class

Professors should not push their agendas in class

By Jack Baker | April 18, 2011

Teachers are, and should be, entitled to their opinions, but they should keep them out of the classroom. Their responsibility to educate is more important than their political viewpoints. When teachers bring their biases into the classroom, it can bother...

Teachers are too important to have their pensions cut

Teachers are too important to have their pensions cut

By Kathryn Minniti | February 28, 2011

What is the most important career? Most people would say doctors, police officers, firefighters,or even the president; but they would be wrong. The most important job out of them all would be the person from whom the doctors, the police officers, the...