Is it worth reviving Greek life?


Nyla Owens

Sigma Nu’s Greek house on an overcast afternoon at 114 Blackhawk Road. (Nyla Owens | Northern Star)

Is Greek life worth bringing back? There are many reasons why Greek life should be revived.

Currently, there are 691 students involved in Greek life – this number is relatively low. However, NIU is looking into investing and reviving Greek life

Under-enrollment has played a major part in the low number of students involved. As Delta Zeta member and sophomore middle-level teaching major Beatriz Sanchez explains, the low numbers have been majorly affecting both the sororities and fraternities.

“I think that’s been an issue for us as well, we’ve been trying to revive Greek life just because it’s been kind of dying this long,” Sanchez said. “I think it’s been affecting Greek life as well because we all need to meet a certain amount of members.”

Being involved in Greek life can provide a number of benefits. Students can obtain leadership skills along with community service hours. Students can also meet other people and create friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Students involved in Greek life are also able to live on Greek Row, which helps students involved to grow even closer to their fellow sisters and brothers. By being involved in Greek life, students are making a difference on campus, whether that be through volunteering or by hosting events for students to attend. 

However, even though Greek life is a great way to be involved and make friends, there are other ways to make friends and other organizations to be involved in. Examples include Kesem, Campus Activities Board or even the Northern Star. Some people also have a hard time making friends and Greek life may not be their thing. Being a part of a sorority or fraternity is not everything in order to have a great college experience. 

Junior accounting major Hunter Buck explains that students can still have a great college experience without being involved in Greek life. 

“It’s not a necessity at all, my college experience has been great without it,” Buck said. “I don’t think it’s super important, it’s definitely not for everyone, but if that’s your kind of crowd, then you should participate in it.”

If low enrollment numbers in Greek life continue, it can lead to sororities and fraternities being disbanded due to not having enough members. This can drastically affect a multitude of things that the sororities and fraternities do, such as not being able to host events or raise money for charities. 

“I think it’s definitely good if they got the numbers back up because they do put on a lot of really great events, they raise money for charity and do blood drives,” Buck said. “It’s really great, so the more people involved in it, the more events we can get out and more money we can raise for charity.”

If you are looking for a way to get involved at NIU, you should definitely consider getting involved in Greek life.