Batter Breakdown: Brad Wood

Roland Hacker

Name: Brad Wood

Position: Infielder

Hometown: Orland Park, Illinois

Favorite sports team: Chicago White Sox

“I grew up watching them, and I don’t like the Cubs at all,” Wood said.

Interesting fact: Siblings also play ball

“I had a brother that played baseball at Purdue and a sister that plays softball at Southern Illinois,” Wood said.

Favorite athlete/role model: Paul Konerko

“I liked the way he played the game and how he went about stuff,” Wood said.

Game strengths: Mental Strength

“More mental aspect, like thinking before things happen and anticipation,” Wood said.

Game weaknesses: Size

“I’m really tiny, so I’m probably not going to put up the biggest power numbers,” Wood said.

Favorite teammate: Joe Jumonville

“I like them all, but I’d probably go with Joe Jumonville because we came in together as freshmen, and I knew him in high school,” Wood said. “We’ve been attached at the hip for about six years now.”

Pre-game rituals: None

“I personally don’t, but a lot of my teammates do,” Woods said. “I like watching Tommy Washington and Samuel Vega do their pre-game handshake. It makes me laugh every time.”

Post-game meal: Anything he can gather

“Whatever they feed us, I’m down for,” Woods said. “Whatever they give us, I’ll eat.”

Favorite baseball memory: Game-winning inning

“My sophomore year we scored like nine runs in the ninth inning to win the game,” Wood said.

Why you enjoy playing for NIU: The whole experience

“The whole college experience, it’s nice,” Woods said. “Being able to travel around and play baseball is great. All the facilities are really nice.”

Wood is hitting .324 through 11 games this season with 12 RBIs and two home runs.

Wood has had a painful first 11 games as he’s been hit by seven pitches already this season.

In his fourth season with the Huskies, Wood is hitting .269 with a .381 on-base percentage. He also has 72 RBIs in 161 games in his time with the Huskies.

The Huskies will be back in action 3 p.m. Friday in Carbondale to take on the Southern Illinois University Salukis.