NIU women, your mom rock

By Ariel Owens

It wouldn’t be right to end Women’s History Month without shining a light on a couple wonderful women on campus and reminding you your mom is awesome. Here are some women worthy of your appreciation.

No. 1: Sabrina Hull, senior community leadership and civic engagement major

Hull has certainly made her mark on campus. She has been involved with the Residence Hall Association and even served as the president for the National Residence Hall Honorary last year.

Hull works as a supervisor at Douglas Hall’s front desk and serves as the vice president of Administration for the Residence Hall Association.

“It’s not just about being a student, but working together with people as a team, doing real-world things, making a difference, and being able to provide others with that experience is what motivates me,” Hull said.

Hull has a great outlook on what college is about. Her actions have inspired many others within the Residence Hall Association.

“I would never turn my back on RHA,” said Hull, who won’t be living on campus next year. “I’ll still help support them in any way I can.”

Now that’s dedication. Hull’s attitude is truly reflective of what it means to be a Huskie.

No. 2: Brittney Lovett, academic assistant for Student Academic Support Services Staff

Lovett works with student-athletes to ensure they’re on track with academics and they have the tools to be successful.

“Seeing the students succeed and overcoming barriers is rewarding. Sometimes [student-athletes] think ‘It’s impossible. It’s too much,’ but then to see them succeed is great,” Lovett said.

Aside from assisting student-athletes from women’s golf and men and women’s tennis, Lovett is a mother and has three degrees.

Lovett earned two of these degrees at NIU: her bachelor’s in health and human sciences and her master’s in adult and higher education with an emphasis in rehabilitation services.

Lovett’s educational accomplishments show she not only talks the talk with student athletes, but she walks the walk when it comes to academics.

Showing students they can achieve academic goals makes a bigger difference than telling them.

As for motherhood, Lovett’s 6-year-old child is her inspiration.

“I never let [motherhood] be a hinderance, but more so motivation to succeed,” she said.

From the outside looking in, Lovett is quite the success.

No. 3: Your mom and the other women who love you

Let’s face it: Your mom brought you into this world, and no gift tops the gift of life.

Cherish your mom and not just on Mother’s Day. Being in college, you probably don’t see her as often as you used to. Call her. A phone call has the power to make her day. Tell her you love her.

Don’t let the love stop at mom, though. Spread the thought to your sisters, aunts, cousins and grandmothers, too — especially grandmothers; they won’t be here forever.

Last, but not least, appreciate the ones who love you without any obligations at all.

In other words, the ones who can’t say “You’re lucky we’re related.” I’m talking about your girlfriends, wives, co-workers and friends.

The best way to show appreciation is to thank these women for the difference they make in your life. It sounds simple, but trust me: It’s powerful.