Popular store reopens in new location

Tim Ashton

Students who often pass by the Village Commons shopping center may have noticed a new business next to Domino’s.

A clothing store called CR Spot has moved into the previously vacant location at the west end of the building. Through the windows are mannequins dressed in various clothes, such as leggings, dresses, jeans, T-shirts, jackets and winter hats. A glass case and wall of baseball caps can be seen behind the mannequins.

CR Spot has been open at its new location, 901 Lucinda Avenue, for about a month, according to Kenyetta Watkins, customer service representative and senior sociology major. If its name sounds familiar, that is probably because CR Spot was open for eight years at its previous location, 128 E. Lincoln Highway.

The store’s name comes from its owners’ names, Cliff and Ramona Fykes. According to Watkins, all employees of CR Spot are NIU students.

CR Spot sells a variety of products, including snacks, men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, socks, hair styling products, novelty cigarette lighters, sparkling wristwatches and nail polish. Some top-selling products are baseball caps and hair extensions.

The inventory is being updated as part of the move, and customers can currently receive a discount for filling out a survey of what products they would like to see offered.