NIU Bridal Expo helped young brides plan their big day

By Kimberly Salton

Pink champagne and pearls was the theme of this year’s NIU Bridal Expo and it greeted the brides as soon as they walked through the door.

The Duke Ellington Ballroom at the Holmes Student Center was filled with pink beads, balloons, displays, and other decorations.

“This is a busy time for me and this is my first bridal expo,” said NIU senior Irma Dixon, who is graduating in August and plans to get married on Dec. 12. “I’m really nervous because I just got started and when I walked into the room I was really taken back by everything.”

Tables were lined with pink tablecloths and the chairs decorated with pink covers and black bows. There was a pink champagne display in the middle of the room while bubbles floated behind a pink balloon display by the dessert table. Some of the food that could be sampled included beef sirloin, shrimp, chicken and salmon for the main dinner course. The desserts included champagne Jell-O, raspberry cheesecake and pomegranate hearts.

The NIU Bridal Expo was put on with help from Holmes Student Center special events planner Karen Villano. Not only does she believe this event is good for the community and a way to market NIU, but it also “helps out scared, young brides that don’t know where to start; it is like a one stop shopping place.”

Young brides were not the only ones the bridal expo was concerned about helping. There was more meaning behind the pink theme: breast cancer awareness. The Holmes Student Center teamed up with Sandy Ryan, owner of Bella Bridal, 2000 W. Main St. in St. Charles, to help the cause.

“All the profits made will help with going towards my three-day team for the Susan G. Komen Walk,” Ryan said.

Exhibitors that took part in the expo besides Bella Bridal included Ducky’s Formal Wear, 112 E. Lincoln Highway, Bridal Shop by Ruth, 112 E. Lincoln Highway, La Di Da Bridal, 708 E. Railroad St., Sandwich, and many more.