Student Association confirms executive cabinet, supreme court justices

By Jacqueline Evans

The Student Association Senate met Sunday to confirm positions among the Student Association. The positions confirmed included the executive cabinet as well as the supreme court justices.

“By having the senate approve the cabinet, we get the best appointments on the executive staff,” said President Pro Tempore Ryan Smith.

All of the directors were in attendance and spoke briefly on the qualifications, accomplishments and goals regarding their position.

The topics brought up by the appointed directors in the meeting included possible updates for the Huskie Tracks GPS System , the controversy regarding the new sleeve requirement at Recreation Services, NPHC Greek Row housing and advertising on the Huskie Bus and marketing around campus.

The issue of appointments with conflicts of interest arose during the meeting.

“People think that there is an issue of nepotism among those appointed,” said Student Association President Erik Calmeyer. “My appointments are based upon experience, work ethic and a close working relationship with those in question.”

The topic of funding for promotional items for the SA was also brought up in the meeting

“We focus on maintaining our image, which includes promotional items,” said Student Association Treasurer Darrell Nelson.

Committees for the senate will be formed soon. These are dependent on a questionnaire that senators were asked to fill out Sunday night, which will determine who is to serve on which committee.

Thirty-eight out of 39 of the senators were present. The next week, the senate will move to appoint another senator and make the count 40 and a full senate.