The Rant: Bears in trouble

By Korey Peterson

Well, Lovie Smith, you should realize that you have a problem now.

24 defenses in the NFL do not have as many sacks as your team gave up this past Sunday night. The Bears nearly lost Jay Cutler for longer than just that game when his helmet smacked off of the turf and nearly lost backup Todd Collins not too long after. Caleb Hanie had to be fearing for his life when he was thrown into the fire.

Part of the blame lies with Cutler, who consistently tried to wait for the deep man to become open instead of dumping the ball off to an open receiver for less yardage. But Lovie, where were you when everyone who knows anything about football was telling you that your offensive line needed upgrading? Hiring a former head coach to be your offensive line coach doesn’t automatically make the line able to block.

It’s going to be a long and disappointing season if the Bears can’t block a four-man rush with five offensive linemen.