Flicks that provide eye candy


Scott Pilgrim played by Michael Cera, fights one of Ramona's "evil exes" in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World."

Joshua Michaelson

While many movies have delivered very potent and meaningful messages and caused people to develop their critical thinking abilities, I personally enjoy the “eye candy.”

I’m not talking just any movie with good visuals; I’m talking about the movies that make your eyes explode because of all the juicy, colorful action being displayed.

Unfortunately, movies that truly fit the definition of “eye candy” are rare, but I shall take it upon myself to list a few worthy of feeding to one’s eye-holes.

Volcano High (2001)

Volcano High was a Korean flick titled Hwasango that was brought over by MTV and redubbed with various rappers.

The story for this movie is essentially Dragon Ball Z in high school, and pits various students and faculty against each other, firing out ki-blasts and absurd karate moves. While the movie isn’t flashy all the way through, it is still an entertaining watch because of the hilarious job done by the rappers involved.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)

There have been a ton of beautiful computer-animated movies that have come out even recently that could easily hold their own in the “eye candy” category, but one that I feel stands out above the rest is the movie sequel to Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children.

Those that aren’t fans of the game, or don’t even understand what is going on can’t argue that the movie is still very entertaining to watch.

The CGI puts that other terrible Final Fantasy-movie-that-shall-not-be-named to shame, and the enormous, flashy battle scenes will give the eyes plenty to drool over from start to finish.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)

I mentioned this movie just recently, but it deserves mentioning again.

Scott Pilgrim looks amazing. Visually, it manages to not only bring a comic book to life, but also does the same for video games through amazing and colorful pixilated swords and super air combos.

While the first 40 minutes lack most of the flashy visuals, as soon as Scott Pilgrim meets and fights Ramona’s first “evil ex,” the viewer is treated to over an hour of delicious colors and visuals.

The movie makes the concept of getting punched seem much more glamorous.

Speed Racer (2008)

If there was ever a movie that could define “eye candy,” Speed Racer is it.

It is a non-stop, two hour-long visual feast that constantly attacks the viewer with colorful CGI and wild camera flips and twists.

If Scott Pilgrim brought video games and comics to life, then Speed Racer brought anime to life. From its flashy beginning to its amazing, explosive color-fest of an ending, Speed Racer is the most eye-gasmic movie one might ever see.