Unpopular opinion: Birthday cake frosting is disgusting

By Jack Baudoin

A lot of people enjoy the mound of frosting that is almost bigger than the cake on most desserts you can buy from the grocery store, but that frosting deserves to be scrapped off into the trash and forgotten.

The problem is that cake is already very sweet on its own, and frosting feels like straight sugar in a fluffy format. By adding it to cake, it overpowers it to the point that more than one bite will send you straight into a sugar coma.

Not only that, the actual cake part of a birthday cake is the best part. It could stand on its own as one of the best desserts around, and yet it is instantly brought to the bottom of the list by the sheer amount of frosting that is generally found on them. It is the perfect example of “if something is great, do not change it,” and the frosting is the worst change in culinary history

A birthday cake covered in frosting is traditionally the staple of any birthday party in the country, and it would be crazy to expect everyone to instantly shun frosting. Even by greatly reducing the amount of frosting on birthday cakes would make them better, but getting rid of that disgusting stuff would be the way to go.