Religious groups offer students new opportunities


Zulfiqar Ahmed | Northern Star

The Newman Catholic Student Center is located next to the NIU Campus Life Building. The center is one of 15 recognized religious organizations on campus.

NIU has over 15 recognized religious groups on campus through the Association of Campus Religious Organizations (ACRO). For any incoming or returning students, finding the right faith group at NIU is easy and accessible.

The Association of Campus Religious Organizations is a “coalition of faith leaders of all stripes” to serve the student body, Dan McConkie, treasurer of ACRO, said.

“We band together for registration in the fall to help make incoming students aware there is a rich and diverse faith life available on campus,” McConkie said. “We serve the same essential student population, and we talk about the needs of the students and how we can meet those needs going into our own religious groups.” 

Part of the opportunity with college is being able to try new things and meet new people who may have the same interests as one another, and students don’t just have to pick one group to join, Mack Patrick, president of ACRO, said. 

A lot of the organizations offer different experiences and students are encouraged to find their community and to feel at home while exploring faith, Patrick said.  

“I would encourage students to be open to the idea that faith is also an important part of life and it might enrich their college experience a lot,” McConkie said. 

Each organization description with contact information can be found on the NIU Association of Campus Religious Organizations website page.