That Time I… watched ‘Death Note’


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Being able to understand “Death Note” encourages enjoyment of the show.

By Abhishek Poddar, Opinion Columnist

The game of cat and mouse, “Death Note,” is a show that is a suspense done right. I had seen this show as a kid when it was on-air, but from a kid’s perspective, the show is just a hero vs. villain. As an adult in my twenties, I could appreciate the extravagant larger-than-life chase as I gave the show a watch again. Think of it this way: there are multiple dimensions to every point in life. If I am late for an appointment, many things can go wrong as I walk down the street. There is something to be learned from running all possible scenarios in one’s brain and taking calculated risks.

Whenever I feel low, I always give this brilliant show a rewatch. Once, on a rainy evening, my brother and I decided to watch the entire show in a single run. Rain brought comfort, mom got us fritters and we got ourselves cups of hot chocolate. We stayed up the whole night and completed the first half of the series and saved the latter half for another weekend.

Avoiding any potential spoilers, I can say that it’s a show based on the human world and its close relationship with the world of “Shinigamis” or death gods. However, the show follows an approach where supernatural elements are kept aside.

The two leads’ sharp minds are continually outsmarting one another. The show is intellectual and innovative, and the plot is complicated but readily explained.

“Wow, this can’t possibly be any deeper,” you might think as you watch, yet every new episode disproves that notion. The episodes are complicated to understand, but the flawless storytelling and nail-biting adventure make each new development exciting and surprising, which is what I like most about it.