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Just Sayin’: Justice League movie, seafood and Kenya Moore

By Northern Star Scene staff | April 29, 2014

Pat Quinn: Justice League movieZack Snyder announced a Justice League movie will be released in 2018 this week.I don’t understand how the production team is going to be able to pull off a Justice League movie when characters and casting are going to...

‘All That’ Tribute Show brings ’90s back to NIU for the night

By Nate Linhart | April 27, 2014

Friday night was filled with dancing, clothing and music from the ’90s for the “All That” Tribute Show.The event, hosted by the Campus Activities Board and Ex’pression, was designed to entertain people by bringing back trends from the decade.“We...

Confectionary store has chocolate bunnies for all

By Nate Linhart | April 16, 2014

Chocolate rabbits are multiplying like, well, rabbits for Easter Sunday at local candy store The Confectionary.Come Easter, candy stores like The Confectionary, 149 N. Second St., adjust their focus to providing holiday-themed sweets for customers. Confectionary...

NIU Steel Band members perform “Celebrating the Past, Present and Future” Sunday in the Music Building’s Boutell Memorial Concert Hall. The show marked NIU Steel Band’s 40th anniversary.

Steel Band makes crowd ‘happy’

By Nate Linhart | April 13, 2014

The NIU Steel Band kept the audience dancing with extra musical surprises at the end of its Sunday 40th anniversary concert.The band performed at the Music Building’s Boutell Memorial Concert Hall. NIU Steel Band is co-directed by assistant professor...

Dustin Coy, 29, of DeKalb, picks out a board game to play during International Tabletop Day at New Game in Town, 811 W. Lincoln Highway. The store had many classic games as well as new games for people to play.

Tabletop Day includes mixture of compelling games for Saturday

By Nate Linhart | April 6, 2014

New Game in Town employees proved board games are anything but boring Saturday.For those non-geeks out there who didn’t know, Saturday was International Tabletop Day. Friends gather and play any kind of game on a flat surface, including card games,...

‘Hoarding’ art exhibit portrays hardships of obsessive behavior

By Nate Linhart | March 25, 2014

The Art Museum’s latest exhibition is intentionally chaotic and serves its purpose well, showing the horrors of obsessive-compulsive amassing, hoarding and collecting.The “Hoarding, Amassing and Excess” art exhibit features artwork that portrays...

Music therapy helps local, African hospices

By Nate Linhart | March 16, 2014

Musicians exemplified the importance of music therapy Sunday at the Transformation Through Rhythm music event.The third Annual Transformation Through Rhythm Concert took place at the Music Building’s Boutell Memorial Concert Hall.Staffers at the event...

‘Need for Speed’ runs on fumes

By Nate Linhart | March 16, 2014

“Need for Speed,” released Friday, needed something more than fast-paced car scenes for two hours — perhaps a stronger plot. The ironically slow movie was spawned from the Need for Speed video game franchise.Aaron Paul, co-star of “Breaking Bad,”...

Ray’s pulls perfect pork

By Nate Linhart | March 3, 2014

I was greeted by the smoky aroma of barbecue at Ray’s Chicago BBQ and Slots, 870 W. Lincoln Highway. For being a two-week-old restaurant, it provided the exact smell I wanted when entering any barbecue place.The atmosphere was reminiscent of a homey...

‘Lightwire’ brightens Egyptian

By Nate Linhart | March 3, 2014

“Lightwire: The Show” illuminated the stage with storytelling Sunday at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St.Lightwire Theater is a performance team that uses lights, puppetry, technology and music to create stories. The group was a semi-finalist...


By Nate Linhart | February 24, 2014

An eye-opening experience on how people view their bodies made “Trapped,” a Holmes Student Center exhibit, strangely alluring.

“Trapped” displays work to showcase National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and was open Monday to the public.

The show, which was at the Holmes Student Center’s Art Gallery, consists of several grayscale, risqué paintings of exposed women. Each piece has a hole where the face would be for observers to put their own face in. The exhibit shows how some women feel trapped in their own bodies.

“Trapped” did give me an unsettling feeling. The display felt saddening and provocative. The art isn’t supposed to be pretty, but is there to make observers think.

Each piece seemed nameless, which added to a claustrophobic sensation I got while viewing the art work.

The art exhibit was small and did not have a lot of pieces. There could have been more paintings or even a sign outside the gallery to indicate this event was taking place. Regardless, the paintings were interesting and served their purpose.

“I think it helps represent that with our bodies many feel trapped because in the media everyone’s body is the same,” said Hannah Tower, graduate nutrition and dietetics student. “It’s all edited, it’s all digitally altered, and these kind of represent a trap behind a window in their own bodies.”

Artists take charge in local Beatles cover show

By Nate Linhart | February 17, 2014

“Come Together” appropriately described the Wooden Box Theater’s fourth annual Beatles Nite over the weekend.Wooden Box Theater, an Illinois performance team, presented the Beatles Nite at the Ellwood House Museum Visitor Center, 509 N. First St.,...