DeKalb 2022 voter turnout saw decrease from previous midterms

By Colin Kempsell

DeKALB – 2022’s midterm election saw less voters in DeKalb County than in 2018, a 3.9% decrease in overall midterm turnout.

DeKalb County overall had about a 56.4% voter turnout, according to the DeKalb County election results. DeKalb County had 61,517 citizens registered to vote, with 34,705 ballots being cast in the 2022 midterm election.

The 2018 midterm election saw about 60.3% of DeKalb County voters at the polls. There were 763 more registered voters for the 2022 midterm elections than in 2018.

DeKalb Township saw the lowest midterm voting turnout at 51%, while turnout across other DeKalb County townships averaged 61%

Historically, precincts 1-5 and 9 in DeKalb have had lower voter turnout than other precincts in DeKalb Township. 2022’s midterm election saw even lower turnout than 2018’s in these precincts.

DeKalb precincts 1-5 and 9, which encompass most of NIU’s campus and off-campus housing, saw the lowest turnout in the township, according to DeKalb County results. Precinct 4, which includes most of the Greek housing at NIU, had the lowest turnout percentage among precincts in DeKalb township, with only 339 ballots being cast out of its 1,274 registered voters.

(Colin Kempsell)