DeKalb plans to reduce traffic in Annie Glidden North


Sean Reed

The run-down pavement and potholes of Greenbrier Road filled with melted snow and sleet after a snowstorm Wednesday in the North Annie Glidden neighborhood. (Sean Reed | Northern Star)

By Evan Mellon, Assistant News Editor

DeKALB – The new Community Development Block Grant annual action plan outlines how over $800,000 will be invested into DeKalb to improve infrastructure and invest in social service agencies.

The City of DeKalb released the first draft of their 2023 annual action plan. The draft describes how its annual funds will be dispersed among the various programs and services throughout this year, such as repairs to homes and infrastructure, services for the elderly, assistance for the homeless and more.

The grant includes plans to redo the roads of Annie Glidden North.

“A significant portion of the 2023 funds will be appropriated for the repaving a section of residential streets in the Annie Glidden North Neighborhood to reduce and calm the traffic flow,” the draft reads. “Other identified projects will receive the remaining funds as requirements are determined.”

According to the draft, the money is planned to be spent on city-wide projects to create affordable housing, improve public facilities and to address homelessness.

“We use that money in a variety of ways,” said Jennifer Yochem, community services coordinator for DeKalb. “It could be doing housing demos, it could be placing local roofs, it’s helping local service agencies with their projects and goals, as long as we are within the requirements of the grant.”

The finalized report has yet to be officially announced.

The block grant was established by the U.S. Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 in order to assist Illinois cities that are in need of housing and community development, according to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

DeKalb receives around $400,000 annually from the grant, which can be spent as the city sees fit. Any money from the previous year may also carry over into the current year’s budget.

2023 marks the 30 years of DeKalb receiving the CDBG on an annual basis.