Get a clue, NIU

I’m really sick of the things that go on here at NIU. It appears to me that the goals of NIU are sorely in need of some shoring-up.

I don’t need the standard finger-pointing, head-wringing, that goes on and on forever around here. I really, really, really do want some logical answers to why this university is doing some of the things it is currently doing.

1. The MLK statue – why did we spend $100,000 on something as ugly as this monstrosity? I haven’t heard a lot of positive comments on it yet. On Wednesday when some visiting high school students saw it I heard one say, “what a piece of s—.” Enough said.

2. Departmental budgets—athletics receiving three times more money than any academic department. Why? Better learning environment? NOT.

3. Teachers—where do you hire some of these dandies? To teach, you need to have some basic communication skills, knowledge of teaching techniques and the desire. NIU doesn’t live for research! It exists for the students!

In case you’ve forgotten, the purpose of this college is to educate its students (hint … that’s why the state taxpayers give you money). Research does a lot for a university but it is not more important!

A university is what a college becomes when it forgets about its students! NIU get a clue!

Dan Packard