Unpopular Opinion: Scary movies are overrated


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A young woman hiding under the covers as the light from a television lights her up.

By Emily Beebe, Opinion Columnist

Scary movies are mostly known for being watched during this Halloween season, but they can be watched anytime. A lot of people like scary movies. I, however, am not one of those people. 

The first time I ever watched a scary movie was when I was 9 years old. I was at my best friend’s house who I’ve known since we were kids. My friend and I were watching “The Exorcist.” I was actually intrigued for about the first five minutes of the movie, and then it got super scary, due to the fact that the girl started destroying everything, such as curtains, and lamps. I immediately hid under the blanket and started crying. 

Mind you, my friend loves scary movies. After the movie, as I tried to sleep, I kept waking up with nightmares. I even continued to have nightmares for a week after I watched the movie.

Ever since that day, I have not watched a single scary movie. Even just the thought of scary movies frightens me. If I am watching Youtube, and an advertisement pops up for a scary movie, I immediately skip it. Although, now that I am older, I may not find this movie scary anymore, due to the fact that I have matured as I have gotten older.

The closest thing to a scary movie that I have watched was the movie “It” based on the Stephen King book. I did not think that movie was scary, however, because to me it was dull.

I do not like scary movies, because they give me an adrenaline rush where I feel scared, and I do not like the feeling of being scared. Once I become scared, I can not get over the feeling, and I continue to be scared all day, and can not focus on anything else.

There are so many other better movie genres besides horror, such as romance, or comedy for example, because they are not scary, and a genre such as comedy, can make you laugh instead of terrified. Instead of watching so many horror movies, we should watch other genres, such as sci-fi, for example.