AAG emphasizes organizational unity

By Linda Warchal

About 20 students came out to the recreation center for “Almost Anything Goes” Tuesday night.

Director of Campus Recreation Juliette Moore said the event’s purpose is to build unity among organizations in a playful way.

Moore, who initiated the event, said it usually starts out small but has been successful on other campuses she has worked at.

She said she would like to see AAG become a campus-wide event, perhaps becoming a part of something like Springfest. She added she would like to see more organizations get involved so the event can grow.

Jodie English, Student Association recreation adviser, helped coordinate the event. She said all those who helped decided on a unity in diversity among organizations theme.

“It’s 100 percent geared for fun. Our main focus is to have fun and to get the presidents of the organizations internetworked so they feel comfortable talking to each other,” English said.

She said the attendance was not high but everyone had fun, which was one of the main goals. Also, the students who participated will be more familiar with each other.

She said in the future, the event should be coordinated earlier in the semester and not so near to finals.

Jeff Leighty, Phi Sigma Epsilon president, said he thought the event was a great idea.

“It can lead to the interaction (between organizations) later on,” Leighty said.

He said organizations sometimes operate in their own worlds. This event can open up communication between groups, he said.