Deadly bad vibes

I am disappointed with the people who write to the “Issues” page of the Star

Why is it that instead of intelligently responding to comments that are found to be offensive, many readers turn their letters into personal attacks against the authors of these offensive letters? Case in point: Charlie Passut’s tirade that appeared in this space on Nov. 7.

Charlie, why all the animosity towards Mr. Donohue? Obviously, his letter offended you as much as yours did me and yet how is it that I can make my point without turning this letter into some twisted attack in some wicked vendetta?

I COULD turn this into a personal attack simply by using catchy little phrases like “ignorant fellow” or “third-rate cartoonist,” but I won’t because this is a college newspaper—the word “college” suggesting that a certain level of writing exists where emotional value is kept at a minimum.

Say Charlie, (and to whomever else this may apply to) lighten up a little will you? Your heavy vibes are killing me.

Dan Doherty