Blitzblau explains views

By Paul Brizz

Martha Blitzblau stated some of her reasons for running for the DeKalb School Board in the Nov. 5 general election.

“The students are not receiving the type of education in the DeKalb school that they could receive,” Blitzblau said.

“I have subjective evidence from the parents, being a PTA member. I hear a lot,” she said.

“The objective evidence that I have is the test scores. The students’ test scores are below average on math, reading and language arts, although we currently have one of the highest tax rates in Illinois,” she said.

There should be a balance (of education for dollars), “we are not getting quality education for what we pay for,” Blitzblau said.

Blitzblau had some comment on the gang issue in DeKalb schools: “We have found that we are not that isolated from Chicago with the gang problems.”

There needs to be a lot of education about quality alternatives to gangs, she said.

Blitzblau has been a resident of DeKalb for 21 years. In 1973 she graduated from DeKalb High School and in 1980 graduated from NIU with a bachelor’s degree.

She is currently the president of the PTA at Jefferson Elementary School, North First and McCormick Drive. She also serves on the Citizens for the Best Education Committee in DeKalb along with the Ad Center Coalition.

She is married and has three children, two in the DeKalb schools.