Access to soap

I am writing this letter in response to an editorial in the Nov. 18 issue titled “NIU overreacting to outbreak.” I agree there was some overreacting done about this issue, but I believe installing soap dispensers for the restrooms is a good idea.

More people will wash their hands if there is soap available for them to use. Easy access to the soap in the washrooms will decrease the spreading of the virus or any other germs.

Vandalism was one concern for not installing the dispensers. If students can’t realize that vandalizing the dispensers might increase their chances of catching the virus, maybe getting the virus might change their minds.

The issue of wasted money was also brought to attention. I don’t feel that our money will be wasted if the virus is stopped. Isn’t it worth installing the dispensers rather to say they will be ineffective? I think so!

Brad Bargamian