Overall gas prices fall, inflation causes concern


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Gas prices are decreasing generally.

DeKALB – In the past week, the gas prices averaged $3.51 per gallon in DeKalb. Compared to last week’s gasoline prices, this is up by 2.4 cents per gallon.

In DeKalb, the cheapest gas is $3.44 per gallon while the highest price per gallon is up to $3.79.

Historically, the average prices per gallon for gas are down when compared to last month and last year at the same time. Last month at this time, the gas prices were $3.354 per gallon, a decrease of 15.6 cents. Last year at the same time, the price of gasoline in Illinois was down 33.5 cents compared to this week’s average price, according to the GasBuddy price report.

This week the lowest price per gallon in the state of Illinois was $2.95; the highest price per gallon for gasoline was $4.79, according to GasBuddy.

Overall, across the nation, the average price of gas per gallon has fallen to $3.33. This is down by 4.3 cents compared to last week. Compared to last month at this time, the price has fallen by 17.6 cents per gallon.

In neighboring Rockford, the lowest price of gas is $3.29. The highest was $3.72 per gallon, this is down 7 cents when compared to DeKalb’s highest gas price.

“The national average has resumed its decline after a pause last week as oil and wholesale gasoline prices fell on worrisome inflation figures showing the Fed likely to ramp up rates to slow inflation,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy.