Fill in the Blank: Spring break is…


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Opinion columnist Nanette Nkolomoni explained how students could benefit from a longer spring break. (Getty Images)

By Nanette Nkolomoni, Opinion Columnist

…Too short! 

Spring Break comes at the perfect time. Right after spending the previous two weeks frantically studying for and taking nerve-racking midterm exams, spring break comes at the perfect time to be able to decompress.

However, I wish spring break was longer. One week goes by fast and doesn’t feel like enough. Two weeks would be the perfect amount of time for students to recharge themselves, loosen up and rest. 


Without the stress of worrying about classes, students are provided a week to relax and focus on their other hobbies. 

I love spending some of my spring break watching new movies and listening to new music. Whether you’re using the week off to sleep all day or watch TV, spring break allows students to not completely worry about school. 

Spring break also allows students to focus on their mental health. Constantly having your life revolve around school and worrying about due dates makes it hard to prioritize your mental health. Spring break can eliminate stress and give students a sense of peace. 


Spring break allows students to connect with family and friends. When I come back home for spring break I usually make time to reconnect with friends that I’m not able to see while I’m away at school. 

This spring break, I went bowling with friends and it was a blast. I was also able to have long conversations with friends on the phone which I’m not usually able to have because of my school schedule. I was able to see family over spring break which was fun and calming as well. While being away at school, I tend to miss my family a lot so I always cherish spring break.