Severe weather predicted for DeKalb County Friday


Cheyanne Quintanilla

Leaves sway on a tree in the bitter and chill wind at the center of NIU’s campus. DeKalb County can expect high winds, hail and possibly tornadoes on Friday. (Cheyanne Quintanilla | Northern Star)

By Emily Beebe, Assistant Editor

DeKALB – The National Weather Service has predicted severe weather to occur Friday afternoon and evening. This severe weather could include thunderstorms, damaging winds, hail and possibly tornadoes.

This severe weather is predicted to occur in multiple counties throughout the state, such as DeKalb and DuPage.

Strong winds up to 50 mph are expected going into Friday evening.

Hail ranging from the size of golf balls to baseballs is also predicted.

Associate Professor of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment Victor Gensini said temperatures will be all over the place throughout the next day and a half.

“Friday will feel a little more humid, a little more warmer, especially in the afternoon and then we are kind of going to get punched in the face because as these storms come through, there’s a lot of cold air behind that,” Gensini said. “On Saturday morning temperatures will be in the 30s, really cold and windy.”

Gensini said that driving and travel conditions will not be too bad.

“Unless you’re underneath one of these storms in the downpour, it’s not really going to affect travel conditions too much,” Gensini said. “The biggest issue is going to be heavy rain and reduced visibility.”

Since this weather will be one of the first severe weather occurrences this spring, it is important to initiate a safety plan in case a tornado does occur, Gensini said.

“Everybody in Northern Illinois wants to make sure they have a plan in case a tornado warning is issued, so make sure you have a safe shelter or a basement. Make sure you know what you’re going to do if a tornado warning is issued,” Gensini said.