Apology: Coverage confirmed to contain fabrication

On Tuesday, Reporter Daniel Massa confirmed that he fabricated multiple parts of an April 17 concert recap titled “Local bands jam hearts out for DeKalb.”

Upon the discovery of Massa’s fabrication, the writer was terminated and the article was removed from our site. An in-depth investigation of all of the writer’s works is in progress. 

The writer left the event he was covering before its conclusion but still wrote about the parts of the show he was not present to witness. 

The Northern Star prides itself on the truth and our adherence to it. Fabrication is strictly against our code of ethics and morals. 

The Northern Star Editorial Board will ensure that, within the next week, our staff receives additional fabrication education and training beyond what is provided during training and the onboarding process. 

Again, the Northern Star would like to apologize for this grave mistake.

For any questions, comments or concerns, contact our leadership team at editor@northernstar.info.