Continue mission

Over the past few weeks I have been reading in The Northern Star about the conflicts of The Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities. The issues that have been brought forth in the articles and editorials have led me to write this letter.

In regards to Sue Reinhardt’s and Linn Sorge’s positions on The Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities, I feel that a place should be made for both of them, as they are two people who deal with disabled population on this campus very much.

They are very strong spokespersons for people with disabilities on this campus, and have been strong assets to the commission. Granted as per Mr. Shur’s recent letter to the editor, Services of Students with Disabilities (this is the office that Sue and Linn coordinate) is not the only office on campus that cares or has the expertise in aiding the disabled, but that office has a major voice on this campus for the disabled population.

I do feel that the committee should be made up of both disabled and non-disabled persons. This therefore does provide a good, balanced opinion and voice of those who care about the total disabled (both visible and non-visible disabilities) population on campus.

Lastly, I feel that Gary Gresholdt, Chairperson of the Commission on Persons with Disabilities has done a fine job a that commission’s chairperson. I am aware of this because I am a person who has served on this commission and am still holding an interest in the activities and concerns of the Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities.

It is my hope that this situation can be resolved to each person’s satisfaction so that the commission can continue with the mission that President La Tourette has set before them.

Kenneth A. Kamm

Student Financial Aid Officer

Clerk, III