Stranger fails in his abduction attempt

By Stewart Warren

An unknown woman told University Police that a stranger tried to force her into his car Saturday, but she did not want to file a police report.

The woman called the UPs from a campus telephone at about 8 p.m. Saturday, UP Lt. Kathy Guimond said.

The woman said the incident happened near the Grant Towers, Guimond said. The man tried to force the woman into his older-model hatchback-style car, she said.

The thin, 5-foot-9 inch to 6-foot tall man was described as having long blonde hair, Guimond said. The man wore jeans, a dark shirt and a black leather jacket, she said.

Kidnapping-type incidents don’t happen often at NIU, Guimond said. “It’s not a major problem. Most incidents like this in the past have been fraternity pranks,” she said.

Although it might seem unusual, the woman declined to file a police report. “If victims don’t want to file a report, we can’t force them to,” Guimond said.