SA sees need for organization recognition

By Penny Rynberk

Although the number of organizations recognized by the Student Association is higher than last year, SA staff feels there are still some that need recognition.

SA Vice President John Quilico said there are already 175 SA-recognized organizations this year. As of the spring semester of the 1990-91 academic year, there were only 155.

“This is an outstanding number,” Quilico said. “I’m really pleased but I’m concerned because there are still major organizations that are not aware they have to be SA recognized.”

Quilico said these organizations might not have been aware of the original Sept. 16 deadline to submit recognition applications.

Recognized organizations can receive SA funding after one year, post fliers and posters on campus and reserve a room in the Holmes Student Center or tables on campus.

“Sooner or later, they might try to reserve a table somewhere on campus or post fliers and it might be too late,” Quilico said.

SA Public Relations Adviser Rebecca Bahr said organizations complained last year because the recognition process was “drawn out”.

“The process is as simple as possible so it can all be taken care of early. Help us out, were trying to make it as simple as possible,” she said.