Access progress

While there are still many issues to be addressed at the university in regards to accessibility for disabled persons, we would like to commend many of the offices of NIU for being sensitive to the needs of persons with disabilities, particularly for the hearing-impaired.

We appreciate the team efforts made by these offices for working together towards accessibility. Telephones across campus are now equipped with amplifiers, telecommunication devices for the deaf (TDDs) are placed at the NIU police department, the Health Service, the Holmes Student Center information desk, Founders Memorial Library, the athletic ticket office, the Speech and Hearing Clinic and among others.

There is also a closed-captioned decoder in the HSC lobby for those who want to watch television between classes.

For the first time ever, the theater department was able to work towards having the production of “The Miracle Worker” interpreted for those individuals who are hearing impaired to watch and enjoy. It is now required that all major events happening on campus have to be interpreted.

Although this university is not completely accessible to persons with disabilities, we do hope to see all offices and departments follow through in making this campus accessible in a positive manner. Again, we express our gratitude, on behalf of all the students who are hearing impaired, to those who have helped us become part of NIU.

Maggie DePuye

Graduate Student

Deafness Rehabilitation Counseling

Co-President of COMD-SA

Diana Bonadurer



Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities