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Stryke, a new way to network

Courtesy of Crystal Kendzior
A woman poses wearing a black Stryke hoodie. Stryke is a new website, similar to LinkedIn, that networks students. (Courtesy of Crystal Kendzior)

For college students, gearing up for the wonderful world of adulthood can be a stressful thing, and it is important to have and know how to use the right tools to succeed. 

Resources such as LinkedIn and Indeed are exceptionally helpful to college students looking to secure their future. Another networking app, Stryke, will soon join the list of essential networking resources. 

Stryke is a professional networking app that uses AI to easily search for and connect users to other like-minded individuals and professionals. 

Stryke will help its users build their personal brand and set them up for success in their preferred career fields. 

For those taking their first steps into the complex world of careers and networking, starting off with programs such as LinkedIn and Indeed, as helpful as they are, can be a little overwhelming and difficult to keep up with. 

Finding time to search through what may seem like an endless amount of accounts, jobs and potential opportunities can be very difficult. 

Not to mention, some users may not have a clear idea as to what career might suit them or what people to connect with. 

Upon release, Stryke will do the work for its users by using its matching system to locate similar users, expand their network and consistently improve their overall brands. 

Crystal Kendzior, founder and CEO of Stryke, strives to have a system that easily supports and presents opportunities for young professionals. 

“Our goal is to create an ecosystem and safe haven for young professionals,” Kendzior said. “We want to make an app catered toward guiding and building relationships and are excited to grow support for Stryke.” 

Members of Stryke have reached out to NIU and share their vision for helping students simplify and improve their career networks. 

Hailey Maj, a senior marketing major and member of the Stryke team, is excited to be a member and transform how students and companies interact. 

“Not only does this benefit students but also adds value to the companies,” Maj said. “With Stryke, they have a platform that they can use for efficient communication and helps them to discover candidates who best align with their values and needs.” 

With the likes of LinkedIn, Indeed and soon Stryke, rising college students and career hunters have plenty of easy and effective ways to aid their search for future network members and careers.

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