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Dressing for chaotic weather

Sarah Marsh, a sophomore communications major, walks near the East Lagoon. With the chaotic weather of spring, students should dress in layers to fit the changing temperatures. (Brynn Krug | Northern Star)

When deciding what to wear for the day, the first thing you may want to check is the weather.

Since Friday, DeKalb has experienced temperatures ranging from 28 to 64 degrees. While we are exiting the season of surprise snowfall, skies still shift between sun, rain, clouds and disorienting wind.

“Checking the weather is the first thing I do before I start getting dressed because I don’t like being too cold and I don’t like being too hot,” said Sarah Marsh, a sophomore communications major. “I feel like especially now in the Midwest, like, you have to plan for everything because the weather that it’s going to be when you leave your dorm at 9 a.m. is completely different than what it’s gonna be at 1 p.m.”

Besides aesthetic reasons, clothing is important for everyday comfort. When walking from class to class, you want to make sure you are keeping warm – but not too warm on those special sunny days.

The key to dressing for this chaotic weather? Layering.

“Layers, so many layers. Light layers, thicker layers, you can always take off a layer,” Marsh said.

Instead of your winter coat, opt for thinner jackets. A long or short sleeve shirt can be paired with a flannel or zip-up. These jackets can also be stacked and shed throughout the day as the air becomes more inviting.

Appreciate the warmth and convenience of jeans while you still can. Once this temperate weather is replaced by the scorching sun of summer, you may be forced to don jorts to avoid overheating.

Jeans will not only give you coverage in rain or shine, but they are complimentary of almost any outfit.

However, if you would prefer to wear a skirt, you can add some black leggings – or my personal favorite – some fleece-lined tights underneath for warmth. If your legs get too warm, you can remove the layer, maybe shove it in your backpack, and not compromise your look.

For shoes, most footwear will work, but you should hold off on breaking out the flip-flops until summer. You wouldn’t want to expose your toes to a potential rain or puddle in its aftermath.

While not technically part of an outfit, you should also get into the habit of keeping an umbrella in your backpack. No matter what you’re wearing, sopping wet clothes don’t make a good fashion statement.

Spring can be a time of comfort if enjoyed properly. After surviving winter’s freezing temperatures, enjoy the warming air and breezes while you can. Whether you’re walking to class or having a picnic by the East Lagoon, wear an outfit that’s warm but can be adapted if temperatures rise.

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