AAUP discusses faculty role in decisions

By Dawn Panka

The NIU Executive Committee of the American Association of University Professors met Tuesday to discuss the faculty role in university decision-making, the chapter president said.

In the discussion, several questions were raised concerning the College of Continuing Education similar to those issues raised by professor Sherman Stanage, NIU Chapter President Walter Katkovsky said.

Stanage had previously raised questions as to the lack of faculty consultation on the reorganization of the College of Continuing Education.

The AAUP is an association which “wrote the book on shared governance, such as student, faculty, and administrative representation in decision-making,” said Gordon Dorn, executive committee member.

Discussions will be held on the matter until next Tuesday’s meeting of the AAUP, Katkovsky said.

“We are trying to formulate a statement that is relevant to this matter,” Katkovsky said.

“This statement is not specific to the College of Continuing Education; rather, it is specific to the issue of shared governance which the College of Continuing Education’s problems are an illustration of,” he said.

“There are several people working in an informal group to formulate this statement,” Katkovsky said.

The executive committee will meet at noon Tuesday in the Ombudsman’s office, on the 7th floor of the Holmes Student Center, to review the formulated statement, he said.