Arndt building plans usage of space

By Fred Heuschel

Offices aren’t the only thing to be located in the Arndt building.

Eddie Williams, vice president of finance and planning, said the renovated building, which will house the University Resources Center for Women, will have a seminar room for the Faculty Council and storage space for the University Press.

“There will be a lot of space for graduate assistants and counselors to work in, a reception area and space which has not been permanently assigned,” Williams said.

He said the first floor of the 6,400 square foot building will have only one office, while the rest of the space will be devoted to a conference room and a work room.

Counselors and graduate assistants will do most of their work on the second floor, Williams said. He said a lot of space will be reserved for faculty members who come in for independent meetings.

“The top floor is attic space which has no specific purpose at this time,” Williams said.

The Center for Women’s Studies will be moved to the Arndt house next semester to accomodate the May demolition of the Wirtz building, which is its current home.

The Board of Regents will not approve the allocation of funds for the $192,000 until an itemized list of needed renovations is presented to them.

Patricia Perkins, NIU assistant vice president for finance and planning, said the Physical Plant will spend the summer painting the inside and outside, replacing windows and the roof, replastering damaged walls and repairing floors.

NIU acquired the building through eminent domain proceedings in 1987.