Do you feel NIU’s administration has done an adequate job letting students know about the issues to be decided; or, do you feel it makes decisions wit

Ilene Tokarz


Journalism and


“I don’t think so. Most of the time they decide to raise student fees and tuition and don’t give us any clear-cut reasons as to why. They just keep taking our money and we don’t see any direct results of it. Things are the same as they’ve been for the last three years that I’ve been here. And, I don’t think that they do adequately inform us because I really don’t know what their plans are; or, anything they’re doing or will do in the future.”

Marci Merola



“They let us know about what’s going on, but we don’t have much input—very much choice about what happens in the end.”

Mike Cannizzo



“The administration isn’t in touch with us, because most of the stuff you find out is from the Star. And you wonder about the accuracy there.”

Janet Lewis



No. I feel that the administrators don’t give students hardly enough time to choose anything. They give us millions of choices but not enough time to decide. Then, the next time the student turns around, the administrators have already made the decision for us.”

Carla Henderson



“No. In my opinion the students lack the chance to voice their views pertaining to certain decisions. Some administrators make their decisions first then, after the fact, they let the students know that this decision was made. A lot of times we have no input at all.”

Andrew Shankman



“I think that their job is more complicated than most students probably make it out to be—or admit that it is. But, I do think there’s a lot of room from student representation—student activity—to make decisions, which really isn’t being explored.”